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Julieta Venegas launches ‘On your shore’; “I don’t want my life to be forgotten”

Julieta Venegas was in Mexico and during his stay he took time to seek the balance that he has proposed to carry between his professional and personal life; So in addition to talking about on your shorethe theme that is part of his most recent musical production, also found space to visit his parents in Tijuana, and even to savor chiles en nogada and chicken tinga, two of his favorite dishes, which he cannot prepare in Buenos Aires, where lives, for lack of ingredients.

Happy, excited and very relaxed, the singer-songwriter spoke of her intention to resume her professionafter the voluntary pause that she decided to take when she felt that the speed of her career was not in line with the dream of the little girl who at the age of seven adopted music to share her sensitivity and nurture her soul.

LNG SHT: musical maturity, new album and overflowing creativity

Back to Mexico or are you still in Buenos Aires?

Back in Mexico, but I am also here all the time. They haven’t gotten rid of me; although yes, I’m still in Buenos Aires.

Has it brought you a new theme, are you taking up music again?

Yes, I hadn’t really planned on making an album before the pandemic, I was doing a tour, alone; then I started the theater thing (the monologue he did in Argentina); It was great, but the pandemic came and I started writing a lot, a little to take refuge from what was happening. It was a corner to disconnect, and I began to write and write; I realized that I was heading for a new record.

I got together with Álex Anwandter, the producer of the album, to ask him if he thought he had enough material for an album, and we started working. He told me: ‘There is material, but you have to work’, and I love it, I really like that they challenge me. He gave me a list of details that had to be worked out on the songs, it was a very quick process, we recorded almost the entire album in March of the previous year and then we had to wait until November to record the chords, because seven of the 10 songs have chords , it’s a lot. Now I am very happy to have it finished and I like to be able to present it like this, song by song. I have become very flexible after the pandemic; before it was like: ‘We put out the record, we’re going on tour’. Now everything is calmer. In fact, we had the album and we didn’t release it, first I started playing a little and I had to change some dates because of the pandemic; I have been adapting to what is happening.

The pandemic changed us all, right?

Yes a lot. It made me much more flexible. Now I’m at a show and if my mic fails, I’m like, ‘Well, it’s not the end of the world either.. Although I was never very traumatized with that; after the pandemic, I think we have to focus on what is important. And the important thing will never be people’s mistakes or a technical problem. At the end of the day it is the possibility of doing a tour, of doing a show; I appreciate it a lot. I am also grateful that my parents are alive and healthy, because they were very ill at one point. That’s why now I say: ‘You have to be happy, you have to make music, you have to enjoy yourself; I don’t know, I think it did change me in many ways.

Julieta Venegas

Have the dreams, the challenges, the priorities also changed?

At some point before the pandemic I had a mini-crisis; I felt that things had become very automatic, in the midst of this swirl of disco, tour, disco, tour. I felt that I had to stop for a while and rethink, recalculate how I wanted to continue doing things and how I wanted to lead my career; I felt that I had to prioritize my relationship with music, which is very deep, because it is part of who I am. That’s why I can’t block myself from that part, which I adopted at the age of seven when I discovered music. But it has to be a very careful relationship, not just work.

I am very happy for that break I took, then the pandemic came and I had time to rethink everything, rebuild the team; now I’m with Altafonte, the record label figure is me. Let’s say I’m the captain of my ship, and I like that a lot because everything is in another size, it’s smaller, it’s what I’m willing to give. It’s not like I say goodbye to my (personal) life to release an album; now I can be at home, with my daughter, I have my friends, my relationships, it’s balancing everything in the mix of things I want to take care of.

Maturity has a lot to do with that perspective, right?

Yes, I prioritize that everything has its place, not turning everything into music and not deleting it either; it is to go looking for the way that everything is accompanied and has balance. I take vacations, I went to Tijuana with my daughter to see my family, I do things that she didn’t allow me before, because she said: ‘I just don’t have time.’ And now I say: ‘Nothing is going to happen to anyone because it took me another year to release an album’. Nothing happens. And the truth is, what I built before, the years of my career that I did to the best of my ability, give me the possibility of making other decisions. Now I want to do it differently, because thanks to the fact that I have a support that comes from those years of hard work, I can allow myself to do things that I do want and say no to others; even do free shows if I feel like it. I can do little things. For example, now that I’m in Buenos Aires, I have some friends who have a bookstore and I say: ‘I want to do a show by myself there in front of 50 people.’ And I do. And I go on tour or take vacations with my daughter, or I call my friends and tell them: ‘What’s up, see you?’, because it’s also important to take care of that. Have a balance between those things.

How do you see the music industry, the immediacy, the various platforms, the emergence of so many singers, the diversity of collaborations?

Julieta Venegas

I try to move in the most genuine way possible, as I feel I can participate. I love digital platforms, I am curious about music, I am very interested in where it goes; the possibility that an artist who makes a song from her home in Buenos Aires is a world phenomenon, or that a girl who does something super weird, who plays in her room and sings, suddenly they hear it in France, I love it, I love it. It seems like a very interesting phenomenon.

Also, there is no rule that dictates how to listen to music, because the industry is constantly changing. I have a 12-year-old daughter who has never listened to a complete album. She likes to listen to music her way, in her spaces, with headphones, she started listening to Spotify and she doesn’t like pop. I see what is happening with the new generations and the effect that the immediacy of the new systems through which music arrives has, and I celebrate it.

Do you have to adapt to reach the new generations?

Yes, we also have to relax a bit with that, becausethat everyone has had to adapt; We have all had to say: ‘Now how do I do it in this lake?’, but it is part of life that we are forced and encouraged to change, because nothing can stay still, least of all music. And the most important thing is that no matter how much the ways in which we listen to it change, music is still very much alive, it is still necessary; people need to listen to music, that’s why they go to concerts, listen to it on platforms.

To me, who makes it, I find it very interesting and I am super intrigued to know where it goes. I like it, I don’t miss when we made records, I’m old and I made the record, but I still like to release one by one. I find it nice that each song has its video and its space. You have to be open, you have to keep your curiosity, you can’t fight with the new ways.

Have your inspiration and creation systems changed?

It could be, I really like to talk about love, I go to the surroundings of love, but the stories have changed a lot; now I may talk about relationships in a different way or be inspired by other things. For example, the song that I am premiering is a story that has already ended and you are asking that person to save you somewhere. It is another type of story, maybe it is maturity, because you already know that time passes and that people pass through your life; maybe I wouldn’t have written that at the age of 21, the themes keep changing. There are songs that I see as a portrait of what I was like 10 or 20 years ago. Now it’s time to write other stories.

What about the experience of the monologue (La Enamorada) that you did in Buenos Aires?

At the moment that project was cut short, we were going to go on tour, but the pandemic arrived; all of us who participated in the monologue are talking to see each other, but only to rescue our friendship.

Did you like the experience of acting?

Yes, he taught me a lot and, in a way, I return to music; maybe one day I’ll come back. What I really liked about the theater is that it was done in a cooperative. I used to go to the theater and return home by subway, it was a great experience doing theater for 200 people, it was a miniature, I couldn’t lose concentration because I had never done it before, it was like a form of meditation. Maybe one day I’ll do it again, I don’t think it’s the same monologue, maybe another project.

Now you’re picking up the music, are there nerves?

I’m always fighting my own insecurity, because I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I also say: ‘If I don’t enjoy it at this point in my life, when am I going to enjoy it?’ Between now and December I will have many things; then I stop, and in January I go on vacation with my daughter to Madrid, and then I want to go to Korea. It is to go looking for actions that are stimulating and that also have to do with other things. When I put out my last album, Something Happens, and I finished a three-year tour, I felt very burned out and scared, because I said, ‘I can’t lose this, I can’t make it a 100 percent job, it has to be something I still enjoy. ‘. I don’t feel like eating the world anymore, I feel like playing, enjoying myself, continuing to conquer people, but I also want my life not to be forgotten.

What other passions do you have?

Literature, I am a voracious reader, I read a lot, and I love it; I am very curious and I always find many worlds, I really think that I became a composer because I fell in love with literature. I really like the cinema, and the theater not to mention. And food, I really like to cook. I have become more of a cook after the pandemic. I really miss the Mexican flavors in Argentina, because there is not much raw material there. Although now I am also enjoying Korean food, which has the spicy and acid of Mexican food; I am learning to cook a lot, I invite my friends and I make Korean food for them and when I get ingredients, I make Mexican. I like the encounter with the people who promote cooking.

How have you seen the integration of more women to the Society of Authors and Composers of Mexico (SACM)?

I think it is very wise for the SACM to start supporting and highlighting the work of female composers, because it is also inspiring for the youngest; I think we have to start planting antecedents, because we have great female composers, but there has been no continuity. It took several generations for them to resurface and stand out more, also because for a long time the industry did not know where to accommodate the work of women, because it was easier to understand a woman from her physique and singing songs that were one way; That has a lot to do with Televisa and with a structure that is based a lot on image. But there are already other ways.


World TourJulieta Venegas 2022During September, she will tour various stages in Spain, Colombia and the United States until she arrives in Mexico on October 18, when she performs in Hermosillo; then it will go to León (October 20), Monterrey (October 22) and Guadalajara (November 23). It will arrive in Mexico City on November 25, the date on which it is already sold out at the Teatro Metropólitan, for which a second date (November 26) in which he will present the compositions that are part of his new album.


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