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Friday, December 9, 2022

Julieta Venegas claims that her daughter Simona does not hear to her music

Just a week back, the singer Julieta Venegas was regarded with a Latin Grammy many thanks to her collaboration with Tainy and Negative Bunny, Sorry BB:/, thanked her audience for their unconditional assist for so numerous years.

Julieta Venegas is characterized by her pop tracks and some option rock but almost never for showing up in reggaeton collaborations, even so, This collaboration was properly gained by all his followers.

While the singer who has been in the tunes field for quite a few yrs and has tens of millions of listeners on various streaming platforms, At residence they do not share the very same passion for their audio, as Julieta exposed that her daughter is not a enthusiast of her tunes or at least does not commonly hear to them.

It was during the present windowing wherever the interpreter of Lemon and salt, spoke about this predicament: “I like it because I see her as really passionate about songs, not essentially mine, and it seems great to me. It is really not like it turns me on, it seems super excellent to me. I will not place myself in my house either.”

In accordance to Juliet Vengas, his daughter Simona, scarcely 12 yrs previous, listens to all forms of tunes but is more inclined in direction of lure or rapas he not too long ago listened to an whole Lil Peep record.

“She listens to almost everything but listens a good deal. He hardly bought a vinyl from an artist known as Lil Peep, it is really the 1st time he’s read a comprehensive report,” he included.


Reference from www.milenio.com

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