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Julia Garner is top choice to play Madonna in new biopic

Julia Garner has a new icon to embody. ET has learned that Anna’s Invention The actress is the top choice to play Madonna in her new biopic.

Madonna The project is in active development at Universal Pictures, with Garner pegged as the film’s leading lady. The news as Garner’s “top choice” for the biopic comes after speculation that Florence Pugh, excitementAlexa Demi, Odessa Young and singers Bebe Rexha and Skye Ferreira were reportedly in the running to play the music legend.

To Diversity, the film will follow the early days of the controversial artist and aptly crowned queen of pop. Amy Pascal will produce the project, with Donna Langley, president of Universal Filmed Entertainment Group, holding the script after the multi-studio bidding war. Madonna is set to co-write the screenplay and will also direct the film.

Regarding the upcoming film, the singer said that she hopes to narrate the incredible journey she has taken as “an artist, a musician, a dancer – as a human being trying to make her way in this world. The focus will always be music. Music has moved me and art has kept me alive. There are so many untold and inspiring stories and who can tell it better than me. Sharing the roller coaster ride of my life with my voice and vision Is necessary .”

For his part, Langley called Madonna “the ultimate icon, humanist, artist and rebel.”

Last month, ET spoke to Madonna’s longtime friend, actress Debbie Mazar, about the biopic and what she thinks Julia Fox has been doing to play her role in the upcoming film.

“First of all, Madonna is still writing and she’s not casting it right now,” Mazar said. “Julia Fox is so sweet. I’ve never met her, but she was fabulous.” cut gemAnd I interviewed her once, and she’s beautiful.”

She continued, “To me, she actually looks more like Madonna than me. So, maybe she’s going to play Madonna, so, who knows?”

While the casting is currently unknown, Mazar said she knew her friend would “choose the right person.”

“I don’t know who Madonna is going to cast, but Madonna is so talented and she’s specialized in so much detail, and I think she’ll pick the right person,” Mazar said. “I obviously don’t want to say anything. I mean, it’s Madonna.”

Foxes aside, Mazar has tossed a few names for the part, which he called “a juicy role.”

“I have, but I’m not going to talk about it,” she quipped. “I said they should be a little bit like that, and secondly, because we go back to age 17, and I think whoever plays me, that’s a juicy role.”

“We had some great times and I’m really proud of Madonna for doing that — for writing this, because I think she has a great legend, a great story,” she continued.

ET has reached out to Garner’s reps for comment.

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