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Juanpa Zurita talks about his documentary on support for victims of the 2017 earthquake

Juanpa Zurita He attended the program this Thursday windowing to present your documentary 13:14which premieres on September 16 on Prime Video and shows the support it provided for the reconstruction of homes damaged by the 2017 earthquake.

It’s not so much to show results, I think that’s already out there and it’s very easy for people to find out, there’s a Love Army Mexico site. But the documentary is the odyssey that we went through on this side in the face of the number of gigantic challenges that there were, including the media crisis, which ended up being the least important problem. In the end, it was achieved despite everything and it was worth it, which is the most important thing,” the influencer told Pati Chapoy and company.

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Then, he gave details of his support after the earthquake: “There are more than 40 architectural offices that were attending because each house is different, which sounds very beautiful and romantic when you put it up, but when you execute it… It was incredible because tall architects arrived with their precious model and the family said: ‘No ‘. Something we learned is that, if you are going to help, the first mistake is to think that you know what they need, that is one of the challenges that is addressed in the documentary“.

“If we had built equal houses… They told us: ‘If you build equal houses in the long term you are going to ruin the community,’ because they no longer have an identity,” he added.

Likewise, the influencer said that prior to this project to support the victims “he had already done a mission before it was called Love Army Somalia, that we brought water and food when there was a very strong drought. And before Somalia we did the Philippines, which took some solar panels to marginalized islands. We had already seen that networks could be used to have a tangible impact”.

Zurita recognized that “the documentary was a bit of an accident because there was never an intention to do it. When you see it, it’s been recorded for 4 years: there are clips from 2017, 2018 and 2019, and it’s because I wanted to make a YouTube video like the one from Somalia. Suddenly I finished with all this material and Eugenio, who is a great storyteller, joined in.”


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