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Juanpa Zurita suffers injury after Yordi Rosado’s slap in the program: “there is blood”

After revealing that he was the victim of bullying because he suffered from stuttering in his childhood, Juanpa Zurita He attended the talk show as a guest At night everything happens with Yordi Rosado. During his participation, the youtuber was injured after the host of the program hit him a series of slaps.

The incident between Yordi Rosado and Juanpa Zurita It happened during a dynamic that they did in the program, very similar to the game known as ‘hot hands’.

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The activity consisted of hitting the opponent with gloves made of different materials and foods, from candy gummies until sandpaper and studs.

The first to slap was Juanpa Zurita, who was wearing gloves full of gummy bears. The actor managed to give Yordi Rosado about five blows, who assured that the influencer had “heavy” hands, because the blows did hurt.

“Don’t stain, they are hard, they are rancid”he said referring to the candy gums.

This was the strong slap of Yordi Rosado to Juanpa Zurita

Everything was going well until it was Yordi Rosado’s turn, who had to wear gloves with candied peanuts. Zurita immediately noticed that they were very hard and she was afraid of how strong the impact could be.

“That’s a weapon… of course I’m afraid, but it’s a survival instinct, it’s for the species to adapt and not stop surviving”, mentioned.

And Juanpa was not wrong. Yordi Rosado managed to hit the actor’s right hand, who could not help but scream in pain. Although his hand turned red, it would not be until the fourth confrontation that his wound opened up and he began to bleed.

The blow that caused the injury was with a glove made of number five sandpaper. Even before starting the round, Juanpa warned the production after feeling the sandpaper: “Yto reviewed the insurance company of the program, this glove”.

The first to notice the injury were the referees of the game. “There is blood”, said Yordi Rosado after Juanpa showed the slight injury he suffered on camera.

The driver proceeded to clean the youtuber’s blood and offered him an apology for hitting him so hard. However, Juanpa stated that there was no problem and that It hadn’t been really serious.


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