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Juana Viole Vs. Andy Kusnetzoff, On the Night of the Low Numbers

  Juana Viole Vs.  Andy Kusnetzoff, On the Night of the Low Numbers

The week in which Mirtha Legrand reappeared in public, Juana Vial He turned it again on his emblem El Tres television table, as has been the case since the start of the pandemic. The possibility of Chikki reappearing in a few weeks is already in the news.

Fighting for ratings on another Saturday, The Boca-Banfield Party and the Impact of the Olympic Games -Public TV and TYC Sports – This reduced the prime time numbers of most air channels, which again suffered mirtha ki raat (thirteen) with Password You PH: We can talk.

It was expected that, initially, the granddaughter would tell about her grandmother’s first theater outing. “Looking at this woman, who is my grandmother, is not Mirth Legrand to me, she is my grandmother. I invited her over. She is the most active woman everWeil said.

On Mirtha'S Night He Returned To His Current Table With Education Minister Nicolas Trotta As The Chief Guest.

On Mirtha’s night he returned to his current table with Education Minister Nicolas Trotta as the chief guest.

After several unusual weekends, in the presence of the nation’s Minister of Education, bicycle production once again bet on a table related to current affairs and politics, Nicolas Trotta, who spoke of going back to school among other subjects.

The “Table” was completed by journalist Gonzalo Aziz, infectious disease specialist. Dr. Conrado Astolo and sports reporter and journalist Pablo Giralt. The event began with the end of the Banfield-Boca match. Maybe that’s why it got a lower opening rating of 6.5 points than last Saturday.

On the other hand, surrender Password, the famous version, like El Tres remained above the 7 mark, the number below normal—and peaked at 8 Roscoe Final Between Noelia Marjol And Boy Olmi.

Guests By Malena Norwegian, Gabriel Corrado, Morena Beltran, Anibal Pacano And Tuirko Mohamed, Ph.

Guests by Malena Norwegian, Gabriel Corrado, Morena Beltran, Anibal Pacano and Tuirko Mohamed, Ph.

At 22, Andy Kusnetzoff Makes His Debut we can talk, which does not proceed from its classic formula of entertainment, sports and/or media guests. This time the actors and drivers were Gabriel Corrado, journalist Morena Beltrán, former football player and DT Antonio “Turco” Mohamed, actress Malena Norwegian and Anibal Pacano.

in those first minutes of broadcast “meeting point”, the chakra lowered the passapalabra number, registering 7.5. mirtha ki raat Did the same, dropped to 5.4. Public TV increased to 2.1 with the Olympic Games.

Confessions on Saturday

In physically handicappedThe Norwegian spoke of a traumatic adolescence: “When I was young I had a condition with eating disorders, psychosis, depression and much more. It was in adolescence. Bullying episodes, I changed schools … It was then that I developed”, she began.

We Can Talk Continues To Bet On The Formula Of Confessions And Sensitive Stories From Celebrities.

We Can Talk continues to bet on the formula of confessions and sensitive stories from celebrities.

“I was very thin, suddenly I gained a lot of weight and something started happening in school. This produced low self-esteem that culminated in an eating disorder and even treatment with a specialist,” he explained. Andy’s cycle began to climb at 8.4.

Pacano was one of the heroes of the night, who made a strong confession about his battle against cancer.. The theater director and choreographer admitted, “I am now entering the third stage of this uneasiness caused by cancer, a tumor has swelled and I am now going into treatment, but always with the hope of doing what. May go.”

This Sunday the final average and ranking of the most-watched shows were revealed. As it has been happening since the beginning of the season, physically handicapped This was the most viewed of the day With 8.2 and peak 9.1. This time, shared that leadership telefe cinema.

Andy Kusnetzoff'S Cycle Was Again The Highest Observed During The Day With An Average Of 8.2.

Andy Kusnetzoff’s cycle was again the highest observed during the day with an average of 8.2.

While Juana Viole’s today’s event average is 5.7 points – it reached a maximum mark of 6.1 – and Saturday is the fourth most watched. Password You the Simpson.