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Juana Viale and Andy Kusnetzoff disputed the rating on a more even night than usual

Juana Viale and Andy Kusnetzoff disputed the rating on a more even night than usual

The classic rating of the prime time Saturday had a new edition. After a weekend marked by the electoral ban, Mirtha’s night (El Trece) returned to their current tables. While PH: we can talk (Telefe) remained faithful to its formula of guests of the show and / or media.

On a night more even than what had been happening in recent weeks, the tribute to León Gieco on Public TV and the boxing evening at Elnueve registered good numbers and the air audience was more distributed.

As usually happens, Juana Viale started a few minutes before the Telefe program. And, from the outset, he made it clear that one of the themes of the night was going to be the murder of Lucas Gonzalez, the teenager who died last Thursday after being shot by the City Police.

“We are not going to jump the one sadly it was the topic of the week, the murder of Lucas. A child, a child, for a trigger-happy issue ”, said Mirtha’s granddaughter as soon as she entered the study.

Juana Viale Drove The Most Seen Of The Day In El Trece.

Juana Viale drove the most seen of the day in El Trece.

“We are going to put it on the table, we are going to talk about it. We cannot continue to accept what crime is, much less what is the easy trigger”He promised.

The cycle got off to a promising start. Thanks to a good floor of almost 9 points that left him Cinema Thirteen, reached 7 points and exceeded Pasapalabra, famous edition, his competitor in the first program average, which remained at 6.7.

Table discussion

After his entry, Viale introduced the guests of the evening: Jose Luis Espert, elected deputy of Avanza Libertad; the Mayor of Tres de Febrero, Diego Valenzuela; the journalist Monica Gutierrez and the journalist specialized in police Rolando Barbano.

A few minutes before 22, Mirtha’s night it climbed to 7.6 points -one of the peaks of the shipment-, and barely lost by one tenth with the final donut between El Mono de Kapanga and Walter Queijeiro.

The Night Of Mirtha Returned To Occupy Itself With The Present Time, With The Insecurity As Main Ema.

The night of Mirtha returned to occupy itself with the present time, with the insecurity as main ema.

But fifteen minutes later, with the start of PH: we can talk, dropped a point and was surpassed by his fringe competitor, who after the introduction of his figures, placed first with an 8.8.

As Viale had anticipated, the murder of Lucas González was debated at the table. So much Barbano and Gutiérrez criticized Espert for his statements about insecurity (the controversial “jail or bullet” for criminals) and blamed him for promoting a “climate of time.”

Around 10:30 p.m. Mirtha’s night their numbers rose again and reached 7.3. Telefe’s confession program, for its part, remained at 8.6.

Andy’s Meeting Point

At 22 o’clock, Andy Kusnetzoff received the comedian at the “Meeting Point” Roberto Moldavsky, to the influencer, dancer -and now singer- Flor Vigna, to the musician Ivan Noble, to the dancer Adabel Guerrero already Robert Edgar, singer of the group Volcán.

In a shipment without many shocking statements, Vigna spoke of his foray into the world of music, of the video he recorded with Luciano Castro placeholder image, his current partner, and the rugged first date with the actor.

The leader of the cumbia group Volcán spoke of a tragic event that changed his life. In 1999, in a car accident, Roberto lost his mother, her husband and his producer: Roberto Fontana. “I had decided that everything was over, I open the door to throw myself on the terrace,” he confessed. And explained that turned to religion to get out of depression.

The Meeting Point This Saturday Did Not Have Shocking Revelations.

The meeting point this Saturday did not have shocking revelations.

The program that the former leads CQC and that Kz produces remained at its usual figures, between 8 and 9 points.

The final numbers

This Sunday the averages for Saturday were known. PH It was the most watched of the day with a rating of 8.6 points, 6 tenths less compared to last Saturday.

Mirtha’s night (El Trece) improved their numbers in recent weeks. He averaged 7 points and not only was the second most watched show of the day, but also went up 1.3 point from the previous Saturday. It was also the most watched on Saturday on the channel.

In the classic Having lunch with Mirtha Legrand of this Sunday, Viale has as guests the journalist Nelson Castro, to the actor Diego ramos, singer FALLS OFF -who will be in charge of the musical closing- and to the nutritionist Laura Romano.

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