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Juan Vidal receives Niurka in the most unexpected way! (VIDEO)

  • The couple of the moment meets again and they document everything
  • Niurka and Juan are afraid of showing signs of love in public
  • People criticize the detail that the actor had with the Cuban star

Juan Vidal receives Niurka. How romantic! Juan Vidal and Niurka Marcos met again after being absent for a while, where the Cuban vedette was with her family and therefore could not be close to Juan, but now, love has once again broken barriers such as distance and therefore they finally met again.

The Dominican actor received his partner in the most romantic and warm way. Cynthia Klitbo’s ex seems to have overcome the stormy past that he lived with the Mexican actress and now radiates love for the Cuban star. That was the romantic moment!

He greets her with a huge bouquet of flowers!

Juan Vidal receives Niurka

Juan and Niurka met again in Miami, where they will possibly spend a few days enjoying the beautiful city. The moments were captured on camera, as they were recorded when they were reunited at the airport in that city.

In the video originally shared by Niurka’s TikTok account, you can see how the former participant of ‘Rica Famosa y Latina’ gets emotional seeing her lover walking towards her, then runs towards him, while Vidal receives her with a vase full of roses, they do not hesitate to hug and kiss each other. Filed As: Juan Vidal receives Niurka

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