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Juan Vidal ‘insults’ his ex-partner Cynthia Klitbo and Niurka threatens her; “You will not want war with me”

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  • Cynthia Klitbo’s ex ended up accusing her of ‘the worst’
  • Niurka gets involved and issues a warning to Juan Vidal’s ex
  • Juan Vidal accepts the inevitable about Cynthia Klitbo

Juan Vidal insults Cynthia Klitbo. The love between Juan Vidal and Niurka Marcos has prospered, perhaps not in the best way, but in a very special way. After the Puerto Rican actor was expelled from La Casa de los Famosos 2, he assured that he would look for Niurka to be together and feed his love.

Yesterday, they caught the couple at an airport, the media came to chat with them and both Vidal and Niurka had many things to say to the ex-partner of the Puerto Rican actor, including the Cuban star, he threatened him .

They capture Vidal and Niurka at the airport

Juan Vidal insults Cynthia Klitbo

Juan and Cynthia Klitbo had a six-month relationship, in which they had conflicts over money. The Mexican actress accused her ex-partner of owing her money, some conversations were even leaked where he rudely tells her that she still does not have it to pay him.

Yesterday, Niurka and Juan Vidal were seen at the airport, and the statements they made gave a lot to talk about. The actor said that his ex-partner is “discriminating” him and calling him the worst; “She is accusing me of psychological damage, you know her story for 30-35 years, the problems she has had with her ex-partners who beat her, they broke her nose, etc. Are you seriously going to blame all of that on me, just because of an argument?” the actor told the cameras. Filed Under: Juan Vidal insults Cynthia Klitbo

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