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Juan Verdaguer, Father of the “Under” and the Most Prolific Citizen of Today’s Television

Juan Verdaguer, Father of the

It’s impossible to read it with the tone of Juan Verdaguer’s voice: “A woman had a parrot who knew only one thing to say:” Who is that? “One day she leaves him alone at home, forgetting that the plumber was going that morning. The man comes, knocks on the door and the parrot screams from inside and the man says: “Plumber.” Parrot, sure Repeatedly: “Who is…?”

His face was called Dionysio but his name was Juan. Demon ears, beautiful figure, formal dress. Compared to comedians of Yayo Guridi’s stature, john verdaguer It seemed worthy of Countess Eugenie de Chikoff.

“When I die, I want to be cremated and 50% of my ashes thrown in my manager’s face.” It could be from Groucho Marx. It was from Verdaguer.

A quiet man at a time where Four Channel Television had a love affair with humor. There was something for all tastes and Negro Alberto Olmedohandjob in those years, long before that canonizationIt can also be read as “MRSA”.

Eternal Juan Verdaguer.  A White Humour, But Very Ironic.

Eternal Juan Verdaguer. A white humour, but very ironic.

in the big league

Verdeguer played in the First Division organized by Ricardo Espalter., Eduardo D’Angelo, Enrique Almada. NS telecataplumes from Uruguay hupumorpho You comic color They were the middle ham. a tv of prayer She invited René Lavand, Fidel Pintos, Gila, Tussum, Chessman and Chirolita.

Verdaguer’s art included humorous prose that progresses slowly in the shadow. He was of a refined, lyrical lineage who would disappear from the media the advent of show business, a cultural movement that called that tenderness of intelligence “ironic”.

Let’s see if you understand: We’re talking about a time when comedians even recorded albums.

“I haven’t argued with my wife in eighteen months. I don’t like to interrupt her.”

Juan Verdaguer Passed His Humor On To Argentine Television.

Juan Verdaguer passed his humor on to Argentine television.

Petinato’s Tribute.

Roberto Petinato perpetuates the image of Juan Verdaguer by taking it to such a strange place that some generations must think Verdaguer is great off the ground From a cat-shaped puppet.

The family of the wise Capcomiko, however, recognizes all their affection for the former sumo: thanks. Verdaguer’s cat, Juan – who would now be 106 years old – was able to reach the Mexicanos youtube.

Verdaguer died 20 years ago. He managed to work till the end. In 2001 he was doing a play at Hotel Bouen, called master Class.

while popular, he had good Humour In the sense that he can touch your ass out of the corner of his eye. nothing that can understand the nature of Los Midachi. Their number consisted, almost exclusively, of a ladder. Verdaguer was meant to be a surrealist rhetoric of fearless lunacy, which managed to get away from obscenity by using similar folkloric themes. made in Lando Buzanka.

Maybe it’s better that Verdaguer isn’t there. Right now his joke is not even in the hall of a hotel in Mar De Ajo. too much worry tiktokera To a style where the way he said it was more important than what he said.

Juan Verdaguer Created The Comic With Very Few Elements.  Only His Talk And His Mischief.

Juan Verdaguer created the comic with very few elements. Only his talk and his mischief.

a little history

As the youngest of four siblings, Juancito made his track debut in 1932. continental circusMILF His Father’s Assets Tight Walkerro Lindolfo Verdaguer.

The cheater had the rare gift of spending hours on a five-meter-high ladder and the last rung of a leaf. “To do this test I must not eat. And in order to eat I must do this test“He said it countless times.

He liked to repeat things: the parrot joke, at least, would have been asked to come in. Guinness Book of Repeat Offenders.

The ladder didn’t end until he played his violin, for example the comparsita. “The violin saved me from many situations because in the beginning I often had to pawn it. So many times that the moneylender’s son played better than me.”

wrote that “Drown in human ridiculousness”. More cynical than sympathetic, his Channel 13 program began like this: “Sir, madam, you don’t need to tune your TV… my face is like this.”

With The Alberto Olmedo Prize In Juan Verdaguer, Rosario, 1999.

With the Alberto Olmedo Prize in Juan Verdaguer, Rosario, 1999.


My friend turns to the proctologist, turns around, and the doctor laughs and moves on. My friend thinks the proctologist is laughing and turning around:

– What are you laughing at, doctor?

– You’re welcome, an inside joke.

it was television tato bores And, above all, that absurd creature called . is called Federico Peralta Ramos (“You’ll Be Who You Have To Be And Stop Fucking Around”) Verdaguer marked the beginning of under Not so silly in a box.

Unknowingly, she gave birth to a demon who later became . Realized with the crash landing of Antonio Gasallahandjob Alejandro Urdapileta, Humberto Tortonese, Alfredo Casero or Diego Capusotto.

If anything has changed in recent years, it was humour. Cursing punitive grace, sure morning daddy breeva Bitterly confessed: “We no longer know what to do with the ending of our skit”, referring to the final stitch of Midachi’s last show. “If you look at the breasts, it’s wrong, if you say ‘fucking,’ it’s wrong…”

.Verdaguer emphatically believed that when people cough, they go not to the doctor, but to the theatre.

extinct kjetilismo Of a scenario created from behind the scenes, today it would give him splendid citizenship or status as a hero. It was the 007 of National Humor.

Verdaguer'S Cat, The Creation Of Roberto Petinato Who Brought The Comedian Into More Modern Times.  Order Photo Fernando

Verdaguer’s Cat, the creation of Roberto Petinato who brought the comedian into more modern times. order photo fernando

“for the lazy” intelligentsia Argentine, Olmedo and Porcel were considered too fat”, contributes Petinato, the only comedian who has the idea. And he adds: “But Olmedo, with his gesture and his smile, had something that no one had: he transcended any kind of intellectual prejudice. From Lacan to Paul McCartney he was the black of Olmedo. Could laugh in the face…”

“Oh, and don’t forget that okay chanterio was, from rich type To Isidore Valley –Our number one mantra – the first big reason for the grace of Argentina”.

Reoplatans. Verdaguer had that destiny because, as God intended, this is the identity of every Uruguayan conqueror in Argentina. Natalia Oreiro? “Rioplatense” Francescoli? “Rioplatans”. Pepe Mujica? Unfortunately Uruguay.

“You’re a cat that steals my jokes!”Verdaguer said with Patinato’s feline hand.

“I bought the cat in the United States. It turned out to be ten dollars. Later I bought my sister, who is the same but with the face of a nun. One was the cat and the other was Verdaguer’s sister, who just told religious jokes. ..”

Roberto Petinato, With El Gato De Verdaguer, A Doll Bearing The Comedian'S Seal.  Photo Fernando De La Orden.

Roberto Petinato, with El Gato de Verdaguer, a doll bearing the comedian’s seal. Photo Fernando de la Orden.

This happened at the event in What Comes Now which was meant to be Capocomico’s final public appearance at first. He was taken as a surprise guest in 1996. Orsai, mythical nocturnal dispatchtyc sports that he drove gonzalo bonadeo You patinato.

I didn’t know anything and suddenly the real Verdaguer appeared. Wonderful. The dialogue we had prepared was not that or anything,” Petinato recalls.

So you’re the cat that sleeps with me,” joked Verdaguer. It steals my voice! Jokes! And on top of that he recognizes me as a cat…!

In truth, Verdaguer’s Cat never told Verdaguer jokes, but rather imposed a Black, Racist and Xenophobic Humor Which will now be more conditioned than any film triple x. The only thing true of Verdaguer was his voice.

– Why did you admire him so much?

Patinato: Because he was a monster and because when humor becomes ideological it loses the destructive power that society needs to overcome its hatred. He did so in his own way of describing it.

– Did you have to pay the price for copying him?

The truth is I’m not a copycat and I only know how to imitate his voice. Don’t ask why, but it is so.

Verdaguer had jumped from Buenos Aires magazine to TV. They say their long jokes – ain’t as long as they are luis landryskina– He rounded up the best version of events. The opening ceremony at the Astros, at the Teatro de la Commedia, in Maipo, in Tabaris.

Verdaguer recalled in an earlier interview: “There were really impressive girls. The Rojo sisters (Ethel and Gogo); Nelida Roca, who didn’t know how to dance but walked and that was enough to make everyone leave their mouths open; Lechuguita Zulma Fayed also spoke And and later, Moria Kasan appeared, who was not yet so developed, but you can already tell that he was very intelligent. ”

on the old channel 13 he did This crazy, crazy hotel, where his poker face was a flexible magnet. He acted in films and is considered to be the first of his kind to don the mask of comedy –long before francella– to play a dramatic role in Ten . but rosea, novel by Marco Denavi. converted into 1958 by Mario Sophie. According to critics, the “vague pensioner Camilo Canegato” was unforgettable.

Juan Verdaguer, 10 Pm In The Film Rosaura.

Juan Verdaguer, 10 PM in the film Rosaura.

was seen with pipo mansera In circular saturday. They picked it up again in the ’80s, with Crazy Hotel in ATC. Chile also loved him and even took part in it. Via del Mar Festival.

Only after he died did the newspapers talk about him again: “A Bad Joke by Juan Verdaguer, he titled. He was 85 years old. “Cardiorespiratory arrest”.

“He had serious health complications in recent months and no longer wanted to get out of bed,” his relatives said. 15 May 2001. the story of god of humor It started long ago on July 30, 1915, in Montevideo.