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Juan Solo promises party and catharsis at the City Theater

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john alone returns to the concerts with a special presentation that will take place next September 2 at the Esperanza Iris City Theater. Anxious and excited, the singer-songwriter from Puebla prepares this musical meeting paying attention to even the smallest detail; music as the main dish of this party which he himself describes as “the best Juan Solo concert ever seen”.

“This is my life, what gives me life. It had been a long time without having a date here in Mexico City and, obviously, it is the city, the capital, the City Theater is an iconic place, that makes us set up special things that we will later take to the entire republic. This is what I like; prepare the party and know what I am going to give as an aperitif, what I am going to close with. Designing a whole moment in which for me it is about forgetting about anything that is happening outside the theater and just doing catharsis there by singing songs at the top of your lungs”, shared Juan Solo in an interview with MILLENNIUM.

Through his social networks, the interpreter has been constantly sharing the pre-production process of his next concert; his costume design, the structure of the presentation and the selected repertoire are three topics that he constantly addresses there. For him, the closeness that he has achieved with his fans is an invaluable experience in his development as an artist and the goals he has managed to achieve.

“Now the networks allow us to talk to them about the process, which is also nice, and I am preparing what is going to be the best Juan Solo concert ever seen. […] The relationship with my fans has always been quite deep; I am someone who is interested in who the other person is, the one on the other side. I like networks and from the beginning I understood that they are not numbers, they are people who are behind the screen letting you be part of their life and history. I am the artist, but I am also a completely normal person who lives his biggest dream thanks to all of them, “said Juan Solo.

The best presentation of Juan Solo

Since the date was announced in the Esperanza Iris City Theater the seats have been occupying little by little. Today, just over a month away, the singer invites the public to purchase their tickets and not miss out on everything he has been preparing for this very special presentation.

the author of “Masochist”, “I Surrender”, “Serenade” Y “Sentence” He anticipates that he will have a very complete repertoire on September 2, from his most popular songs, a large part of his latest album and even new compositions.

“The concert cannot last three and a half hours”, jokes Juan Solo, “I want to give a good review to ‘Masochistic’, although not everything will be complete, plus the songs that I have under my arm, the ones that have allowed me to go from top to bottom with my music in these years of career, and I am going to take on the task of putting together a couple of songs of a material that will be released soon. I want to try it because for me it is important the face that my public puts on this new thing and that they see me evolving as an artist, that is something that excites me”.

In addition, although he has not yet revealed who will accompany him during his concert, in relation to his guests he expressed: “I think it is a beautiful gift of music to have a common passion and connect with the person. When I collaborate or record it is because I have a very good relationship with the person, so I am inviting artists that I admire, that I have followed their careers, but that we have not had the chance to do anything together. Hopefully these concert collaborations are the little seed that sows a friendship”.


Juan Solo announced that he will share the first single of his new material before the end of the year.

Regarding his facet as an actor, the interpreter mentioned: “Yes, I have considered returning to acting, but now is the time to dedicate everything to my music. I love doing theater, but it’s also very demanding and very jealous, especially at a level like the one I had the opportunity to do. Right now I prefer to put all the focus on my songs and my project. It is a different moment in my career, it is time not to take my finger off the line and consolidate this career in which there are still many things to do“.

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