Home Entertainment Juan Pablo Medina’s thrombosis was not due to the Covid-19 vaccine

Juan Pablo Medina’s thrombosis was not due to the Covid-19 vaccine

Juan Pablo Medina's thrombosis was not due to the Covid-19 vaccine

The actor suffered a thrombosis, but this situation was not caused by applying the vaccine as a magazine claimed.

MEXICO CITY.— This past Tuesday, August 3, it was confirmed that the actor Juan Pablo Medina has been hospitalized for about three or four weeks due to a venous thrombosis that affected his health. The news was reported by various media, explaining that the actor was stable, but that he did have complications that had him in intensive care for a time, although now he is recovering.

However, due to the lack of details, the magazine TV Notes took advantage of this situation and published that the venous thrombosis that affected Juan Pablo It was a consequence of the Covid-19 vaccine that was applied.

This report caused the outrage not only of fans of the actor but also of personalities and media, who pointed out irresponsibility of said medium for “information”.

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About the thrombosis that affected Juan Pablo Medina

“De Primera Mano”, “Ventaneando” and “Radio Fórmula” have indicated that the actor from “La Casa de las Flores” was recording some scenes from a series when he felt pain; had to be transferred to a hospital and it was there that the doctors reported that he suffered a venous thrombosis.

As for the cause, Triana Married, your publicist denied that the condition was caused by Covid-19 vaccine that the histrion applied a few weeks ago.

For his part, Javier Poza said that his team spoke with Triana and she explained that “later it is the family will be in charge of giving the details of what happened to him with this thrombosis that the truth was very complicated “.

The publirrelacionista of the protagonist of “Guadalupe Reyes” indicated that “yes he was in delicate health, apparently the thrombosis occurred between 3 and 4 weeks ago, but he is stable, with his family and is very animated”.

Regarding the amputation that Juan Pablo Medina would have suffered, Triana Married He explained that this information only belongs to the Medina family.

“The family is going to be the one who at the time, when it deems appropriate, talks about the amputation of a leg, due to this thrombosis,” specified the publicist of the actor.

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Pati Chapoy lashes out at irresponsible information

After the magazine talks about the actor’s state of health Juan Pablo Medina, Pati Chapoy severely criticized to the medium, because in said publication the actor was claimed to have lost a leg due to a venous thrombosis that resulted from the Covid-19 vaccine.

“Juan Pablo Medina, due to a venous thrombosis, could lose a leg and they believe it was due to the anticovid vaccine,” reads the printed cover of said medium.

The journalist assured that this was an irresponsible act by the magazine because neither the family nor the doctors know for sure what happened to the actor. Likewise, he condemned the lack of misinformation that this medium is generating.

“There are many people who do not want to be vaccinated. If they read that cover, they will less do it. It is very irresponsible what this magazine did and yes, we must be careful in handling the information that is being given about Juan Pablo, “added the head of the shows.

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