Home Entertainment Juan Pablo Medina recovers from a thrombosis

Juan Pablo Medina recovers from a thrombosis

Juan Pablo Medina recovers from a thrombosis

MEXICO CITY (El Universal) .— From appearing in small scenes in Mexican productions such as “La Segunda Noche” (1999) and “When You Are Mine” (2001) to having one of the main characters in recent series such as “La casa de the flowers “and the film” Daddy Wanted “, this is how the career of actor Juan Pablo Medina has evolved.

The born in Virginia, United States, has stood out in Mexican cinema and television with a career of more than 20 years, however, he became news not because of a new production on his resume but because it became known that he was hospitalized. due to thrombosis.

In this regard, his press office explained that he is already out of danger and in recovery so that in the next few days he could leave the sanatorium where he is.

“His health is very good, he did have a critical moment, but he is already very well, he is recovered, he is out of intensive care, we are happy with his recovery,” they explained in his public relations office. On whether the cause that led him to hospitalization was due to having been vaccinated against Covid-19, which supposedly caused the thrombosis and therefore his leg was amputated, the public relations expert explained that they can not give more information, since no They have the complete medical report, but they can say that he is out of danger, after two weeks of being admitted to the hospital.

“We are grateful for the concern, but the important thing is that he is well and that he is healthy.”

In the program “From First Hand” it was reported this Monday that the actor was hospitalized when during the recording of a series he began to feel bad, then he was diagnosed with a thrombosis and as a result of this, it was necessary to amputate a leg, the latter unconfirmed .