Home Entertainment Juan Pablo Medina did suffer a leg amputation (video)

Juan Pablo Medina did suffer a leg amputation (video)

Amputan pierna a Juan Pablo Medina

Juan Pablo Medina, who is hospitalized for a life-threatening thrombosis, he did suffer the amputation of one of his legs due to blood clots.

The program First hand confirmed that the protagonist of The house of flowers he did lose a limb due to deep vein thrombosis.

Decision that saved Juan Pablo Medina’s life

A very close source assured us that indeed his leg had already been amputatedHe was a little calmer, he was able to eat a little, he was already a little more stable, ”reported journalist Mariana Zepeda.

From the outskirts of Hospital Ángeles del Pedregal, Mariana Zepeda also revealed that this It was a decision that saved Juan Pablo Medina’s life.

Juan Pablo Medina, about to die

“They told us that he was already in intensive care, he was very delicate, and He practically almost died, and that was how they made the decision to amputate this leg, literally to save his life, “said the journalist.

Furthermore, he confirmed that the father of the novel actor When you will be mine He is a doctor in the same hospital and he is aware of the health of his son, reproduced infobae.com.

The actor’s partner pending his health

“We regret this situation that the whole family is going through, it should be noted that even a doctor who works in this hospital, doctor Salvador Medina, is the father of Juan Pablo”Shared Mariana Zepeda.

It was also confirmed that he is with Juan Pablo Medina, after he was admitted, actress Paulina Dávila, actor’s partner.

Another version that confirms the actor’s situation

The journalist Ana María Alvarado also confirmed the information through an opinion column in the newspaper 24 hours.

“He was filming a series and they took him to the hospital in an emergency with a stomach infection and a thrombosis. “

“The decision was painful: Juan Pablo Medina’s leg had to be amputated to save him and it was then that one of the saddest chapters of his life began ”, said Ana María Alvarado.

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