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Juan Otero, Flor Peña’s son, is 12 years old, but analyzes his present in the media as an adult

Juan Otero, Flor Peña's son, is 12 years old, but analyzes his present in the media as an adult

He’s only twelve years old, but demonstrates the ease and maturity of an adult for a long time. “I don’t know what I’m going to want to do when I grow up, but I already took a step,” he says. Juan Otero Peña when he recalls his recent foray as an analyst MasterChef Celebrity on Team flower, the cycle that his mother leads on Telefe.

It was his comeback on the small screen, after stepping on the track and dare to throw acid returns in some editions of Dancing for a dream, of sitting on the couch of Cut for Lozano in 2019, and that early 2014 debut in Your face is familiar to me, accompanying Florencia Peña to interpret The Little Mermaid.

A worthy son of artists, Juan inherited his mother’s passion for acting, and that of his father –bassist and double bassist Mariano Otero– for the music. And although he is just in seventh grade, everything seems to indicate that his destiny is heading for the artistic side.

With Campi, Her Mother And Polino En Flor As A Team, The Telefe Cycle.

With Campi, her mother and Polino en Flor as a team, the Telefe cycle.

-You feel comfortable with exposure on television. Were you always this loose in front of the camera?

-Yes always. As a boy it was like I loved to talk. Now I come calmer, I control myself a little more. But I drink. I mean, now I also like to talk, but as a kid I wanted to be on TV all the time. Now I understand a little more that I have to go little by little, because I have just started.

-What do you mean that you understand a little more?

-I think a little more what I have to say. Like what I realize when I have to speak and when not. I acknowledge the situation, and based on that, I speak up.

-How do you get along with your old woman?

-Very good. It is a love. As you see it as funny on TV, it is also at home.

A Few Weeks Ago, Juan Dressed Up As Polino And As An Analyst For Masterchef Celebrity.

A few weeks ago, Juan dressed up as Polino and as an analyst for MasterChef Celebrity.

-What is it like to be the son of someone with as much exposure as her?

-It’s good, because it was my turn, that I like everything related to art and acting. And having a mother who works for that and who knows her a lot gives me a first step towards being an actor as well.

-In what sense?

-I dont know. More like a benefit, Over there.

From His Father Mariano He Inherited An Interest In Music.  Instagram Photo

From his father Mariano he inherited an interest in music. Instagram photo

-In the school, how is this exhibition carried out?

-What it has my school is that it is closely related to art and there are many known dads. So it’s not like ‘Wow, he’s the son of Florencia Peña’. Since I was little I go to that school and it has all the subjects that a common school has. But is very open minded: they respect you a lot, you always have teachers who help you if you have a problem. The teachers are very companions, the boys too. It is a bit more up to date.

Cook or actor, that’s the question

When the strict quarantine started with the first infections of coronavirus in the country, Juan found an activity in the kitchen to deal with boredom. And, according to him, his older brother, Tomás, “copó”. Thanks to him, Toto is completely devoted to pastry and has a gastronomic venture.

“As I started and, when he joined, he saw that he was very attracted to pastry. And now it also cooks very well salty. It is that when you discover pastry, when you get really deep, you start investigating, you drink and you study. For me, it is one of the best races ”, he says.

At Just 12 Years Old, Juan Already Has Experience As A Guest On Several Television Cycles.

At just 12 years old, Juan already has experience as a guest on several television cycles.

-A few years ago you also said that you liked being a fashion designer. Does one beat the other now?

-Yes. I mean, not designer. It is the one that I drink the least. Cooking and acting … I love both. At the time I really liked fashion, combining clothes. Now I like it too, but I much prefer to be a cook or an actor.

-And, being so young, do you already know that you are going to be an actor or a cook?

-I don’t know, when I grow up I want to be a model. What I say is whatever comes. I know that I will have the support of my parents, and if tomorrow I want to do something other than what I am telling you, I will do the same.

-If they called you for the third edition of MasterChef Celebrity, Would you take?

-I don’t know, I would have to think about it because you have to concentrate a lot, your nerves play against you. I have that if something goes wrong, I can no longer continue.

Florencia Peña With Her Children And Juanita Tinelli In The Caribbean.  (Instagram)

Florencia Peña with her children and Juanita Tinelli in the Caribbean. (Instagram)

-And put on the Polino suit again in Team flower?

-Yes, I would love to, obviously. Because I am a fan of all reality shows. I would laugh. The voice I love it too. In fact, it’s my favorite reality show.


-Because I really like to sing. And it is related to what I like.

Early release in cinema and theater

Although he still has a long career ahead of him, Juan has already given himself the pleasure of debuting in cinema and theater. In 2017 he participated in the film The adopters, a love story starring Rafael Spregelburd and Diego Gentile.

“It was my first role. I was in school, I always had to look for a schedule, I finished late. That’s when I began to realize how heavy acting is, how many hours you have to work.”

In 2019, Juan Made His Theater Debut In The Play &Quot;Something In Common&Quot;.

In 2019, Juan made his theater debut in the play “Something in common”.

-What was your character like?

-It was a boy who was supposedly abandoned with his little brother. And this gay couple who wanted to adopt came, they were looking for boys. They loved the sibling relationship we had and they adopted us.

-And in theater, what did you do?

-I did a work for 2019 called Something in common. It was a play for adults. My father died of AIDS, I had my mother and it was quite a tragic story. It was sad, but entertaining.

– They were strong subjects and you were ten years old. How did you live it?

-I remember that it was difficult for me, because I had no idea what it was like to become sensitive, to play that role of a sensitive boy who lost his father … That is difficult, to concentrate on the character, to feel it. There you go learning the different ways of acting, also.

Juan Was Also Encouraged To Cook Live With Karina Gao On Team Flower.

Juan was also encouraged to cook live with Karina Gao on Team Flower.

-Did someone help you get into character?

-Yes, my uncle was always the one who helped me. I say my uncle because he is my mother’s best friend. He has always been my coach. Leo Bossio His name is, he is an actor.

-Is there a project in view linked to the performance?


-Does it generate anxiety?

-Not. I know that everything comes. I know if they call me tomorrow, I’ll have to see. But everything will come at some point. I had the opportunity to do it twice and had a good time.

-Do you like the movement of networks, make live on Instagram or on Twitch?

-No, I’m not on that one. I don’t drink much streamed.

In 2017 He Made His Film Debut In The Film Los Adoptantes, As The Adopted Son Of Rafael Spregelburd And Diego Gentile.

In 2017 he made his film debut in the film Los adoptantes, as the adopted son of Rafael Spregelburd and Diego Gentile.


-I don’t know, I don’t like it very much. I don’t get so addicted to games. From time to time I make a video on Instagram, but I’m not very active: I am more about looking than going up. I know that it serves to show me and that people know me. But I would not be trying to add followers every day, because it is not that I care having millions of followers. I prefer that people know me and that they know how I am.

-Sos of the old school.

-Yes, I don’t know, I don’t like being glued to the computer all the time.