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Juan Osorio reacted to Emilio Marcos’ decision to distance himself professionally from him: “It hurt”

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During the week of July 20 Emilio Marcos Osorio surprised the national show business when he announced the end of his employment relationship with his father, John Osorio. Now, for the first time, the famous Mexican producer broke the silence about the decision of the fruit of his love with Niurka to move away from him professionally.

During the most recent broadcast of the program todaywhere the well-known producer of successful Mexican melodramas such as glory and hell (1986), the father rooster (1987) and more recently, The last king (2022) He spoke about the professional decision made by his son and the pain he suffered when he found out.

I’m not going to deny that it affected me and hurt mebut there are decisions that for growth, I see it as ‘the little bird that lets its offspring fly’ and allows it to be independent, if that is not done they will never evolve, it has cost a lot to win a character, “he recalled .

The important 65-year-old Mexican screenwriter reiterated that since Emilio collaborated with him there was never favoritism towards him despite the fact that he is the ‘fruit of his entrails’: “Since he was little, for 10 years in the first project with which he started, however, he has shown capacity, talent and tenacity and continues to prepare,” he stressed.

It should be remembered that the employment relationship between Emilio and Juan Osorio was full of accusations by the press, as well as by the followers of the productions of the producer born in Toluca de Lerdo, for the supposed preferential treatment he had with his son and not with the talents within Televisa.

It was last July 21 during an interview for multimedia where the young man who played to Alejandro Fernández in the unauthorized bioseries The Last King: The Son of the People He announced what awaits him in the near future and explained that this decision was made to continue growing outside the shadow of his family environment.

(Photo: Instagram / @emilio.osorio)
(Photo: Instagram / @emilio.osorio)

“Right now there is a job separation in terms of my dad, that is why I am working directly with COSMOS (record company) in terms of music, that is a challenge, part of growth, maturation on my part. (…) I feel very happy to be deciding, to be taking the album forward so that not only he is proud, but he also sees that everything we worked together was an apprenticeship; so that today, from dad’s chair, he sees me and is happy, ”he said.

In other topics, the famous director of Mexican melodramas spoke about various topics in front of the cameras of the Televisa morning show, such as the possible return of the Mexican actress, Silvia Navarro in a production of which she could not give many details.

“Right now we are talking about history, of the scripts, I would love it if it were her, I think we are going to have a meeting soon and we hope that she returns to the soap operass”, he highlighted about the famous actress who supposedly would be back in Televisa after many years and his last dramatic staging Loli’s luck, produced Telemundo.

Juan Osorio will pay tribute to Carmen Salinas in Aventurera (IG: juanosorio.oficial)
Juan Osorio will pay tribute to Carmen Salinas in Aventurera (IG: juanosorio.oficial)

To finish, he spoke about how the tribute to the first actress, Carmen Salinas, will be carried out: “I am going to pay tribute to Carmen Salinas, I am going to make Aventurar and we are going to tour the interior of the Republic and the United States to make it a tribute with this great work that she gave life to and that made her transcend”, he concluded.

In addition, he added that they already have the successor of Carmen Salinas within the production and, Although he did not say his name, he did explain that it will be Mexican.


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