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Juan Osorio disapproves aggression by Pablo Montero against a reporter

last weekend, Paul Montero assaulted a reporter windowing during a musical event, and after this several entertainment celebrities spoke out against the singer and actor, for example: Joanna Vega-Biestro, Pati Chapoy and John Osorio.

About this event, the television producer commented: “You are responsible for your image and if you make mistakes: ‘Oh no, you reporters who don’t let you live,’ but if one shared his personal life, he has to take responsibility”.

Pati Chapoy confronts Pablo Montero live after attacking a ‘Ventaneando’ reporter: “Is alcohol affecting you?”

“I’m so sorry. You know that I appreciate Pablo, I love him and I have supported him, that’s why I’m not going to ignore that lack of respect. She is a woman and she is doing her job. Let her take responsibility for her! That is my humble opinion,” added Osorio.

Likewise, Niurka’s ex stressed that “I can’t be a pimp for bad behavior. And it’s not that I don’t make mistakes, when I do I have to assume and accept them, and even more so if you already know that you are short-haired.

You have to have life lessons to correct your mistakes, but sometimes it’s not that easy”, he reflected.

And about the rumor that Montero could be banned from Televisa, Juan Osorio said: “Tell me which company vetoes a character? We veto ourselves because of our attitude, behavior, lack of professionalism. It is not banned, but I want to know who calls it; it is one that causes them to take away their job if they do not take care of their professionalism and respect for this career”.


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