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Juan José, the Latino who will close Charlotte Fashion Week and how he got there

Juan José Rivera will be the first Latino to walk out of Charlotte Fashion Week two nights in a row, but when his mother died that dream may have ended. The El Salvador-born designer dates his attendance at Charlotte Fashion Week to January 2020, when, after quitting his job, he and his mother began creating a collection inspired by Latin American women. THIS MAY INTEREST YOU: Thanks to this theater, a play Broadway in Charlotte is possible: Interview When his mother died, Juan thought that it was all over, he returned to his previous job, until something made him continue his journey, which began in the living room of his house with his mother, Mrs. Dalia.

Juan José Rivera’s room became a studio. Latino Juan José Rivera will close Charlotte Fashion Week with a collection that pays tribute to his mother. , recalls Juan Rivera. A little over three months ago, Juan José called the organizers of the fashion week where he wanted to present his clothes before his mother died, he told them what had happened and his idea: to present a collection of clothes without gender. The organizers remembered that Juan was working on a collection of dresses and asked him to present these creations as well, although he only had four pieces to pay homage to Doña Dalia. Although Juan wasn’t very convinced, they came to an agreement: he would present two collections and be the first Latino to close Charlotte Fashion Week two nights in a row.

Rivera looked through all of his sketches and began counting down to less than three months. After the decision, she and her husband went to New York for a weekend, where they bought fabrics. Returning to Charlotte, he went over all the inspirations again and realized he didn’t have the time to finish them, so he decided the best option was to go to El Salvador.

Without precise contacts, Juan knew that in his home country he would find the answer and the necessary help to complete all his designs, 28 in total between both collections. “I’d worked with a lot of ex-El Salvador wives and with a lot of friends I’d had since I was a kid, makeup artists who’d worked with me,” says Juan Rivera. Juan Rivera (left) with Zuleica Soler, Miss Universe El Salvador 2019 (center); and Paty Murillo, Miss Universe El Salvador 2014. Although their bags were lost, the airline managed to locate them and got them to El Salvador on time with all the stuff. “I’ve walked from one side of El Salvador to the other, there was one day we drove three hours outside of San Salvador to get to the place… I’ve walked markets, I’ve walked everywhere, but the Ladies (seamstresses) answered me and in three weeks they sewed everything for me. When I came back I continued sewing and the collection is already finished and I’m working on post-production right now”. Juan discovered that his mother is still present in the collection, which he called Galería Dalia, which consists of 15 pieces in gold and , champagne pink and black tones.

His other collection, named Juan José, consists of 13 pieces, including men’s kilts, sequin trousers, shirts with shoulder pads and tailcoat pieces. Photo credit: Murphy Photography, courtesy of Juan José Rivera Photo credit: Murphy Photography, courtesy of Juan José Rivera When is Charlotte Fashion Week? Charlotte Fashion Week runs September 13-17 and Juan José Rivera closes the last two nights at Southpark Mall, Center Court, 4400 Sharon Road. Of all the creators and brands, only three Latinos appear in the program: Elisa López Trejo, Ángel Blanco and Juan Rivera.

Among the international brands on show, Michael Kors and Nordstrom stand out. Juan José is currently looking for outlets so he is asking anyone in the Latino community to get in touch if they are interested and he is also working on a cocktail dress collection. You can buy tickets for the event here.

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