Juan José Origel refused to participate in Big Brother, see why

Everything seems to indicate that there will be a new edition of Big Brother VIP, as stated by the journalist Juan José Origel, who He assured that he refused to participate in the television program.

It was during a video on his YouTube channel that the Mexican communicator said why He does not want to participate in the program where celebrities are locked in a house and watched by cameras 24 hours a day.

What do you think, there is going to be a Big Brother of stars and they talked to me to see if I wanted to enter.

I really appreciate you. I am not the age, nor do I have the patience. I could no longer. Maybe there I am going to get the copper, better shoemaker to your shoes ”, said Pepillo.

Juan José Origel said that the program will be done by Televisa, although he did not give more details of when the invitation was or when the recordings would begin.

I am no longer old enough to enter it ”, stressed the journalist.

During the video, Juan José Origel He assured that another reason for not entering Big Brother is because he does not like to leave his dogs alone and that to be in the program it would be necessary to leave them alone for a long time.

In addition, during his video, Pepillo said that he advised Laura Bozzo not to fight with Lola Cortés, who participate in the segment Las Estrellas Bailan de HOY and who recently starred in a fight.

Here we leave you the complete video.

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