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Juan Gabriel still left songs with Ángela Aguilar, Mon Laferte and Danna Paola This is how ‘Los Dúo 3’ sounds, their new album

John Gabriel, famed singer, still left recorded tunes with several artists, according to his son Ivan Aguilera. Between whom is Angela Aguilar, Mon Laferte, Danna Paola, Gloria Trevi and a lot more. We tell you exactly where you can pay attention to these hits by the interpreter of ‘Hug me quite tight’.

It was in an exclusive interview for Maria Luisa Valdes Doria wherever Juan Gabriel’s son stated that his father would be really happy of the album that was manufactured with the guidance of Gustavo Farias.

“This job is one thing that she will be happy of, Learn Farías did a excellent work, the artists don’t even say,” mentioned Iván Aguilera.

Ángela Aguilar will pay tribute to Juan Gabriel in the Zócalo.  (Special)

Ángela Aguilar will spend tribute to Juan Gabriel in the Zócalo. (Special)

About, Gustavo Farias noted that the album was manufactured just before John Gabriel gave his last tour.

“We recorded the themes of the duets a thirty day period prior to their tour of the United States, in June or July 2016, and other people that we had beforehand recorded, that we experienced been placing with each other and planning to do. The notion was that when he went on tour I would dedicate myself to creating all the tunes and becoming equipped to produce the album, we needed to supply the album in December 2016”, commented Gustavo Farías.

Also, Farías assured that John Gabriel I was often aware of what was taking part in and that I actually wished to sing with Mon Laferte:

“I was quite aware of what was taking part in and he often wanted to, he asked me to file with this a person, with that one and particularly and it is anything that I shared with her, with Mon Laferte, he advised me that he required to record with her… I am speaking about the 2015-2016”, shared Gustavo Farías.

This was the luxurious house of Juan Gabriel in Ciudad Juárez

This was the lavish home of Juan Gabriel in Ciudad Juárez

Pertaining to the final result of the album ‘Los Dúo 3’, the producer Farías added that he is sure that Juan Gabriel would be very pleased of the end result:

“We are satisfying his will, we are accomplishing the proper point and what he constantly needed. I feel at ease and I feel he can hear us and he is existing, “added Gustavo Farías.

On the other hand, the son of John Gabriel he pressured that his father needed to operate in new genres.

“He favored all of them and I also like all of his tunes, but I feel he desired to re-perform the tunes that he used to sing and he desired to consider new points, new genres,” Iván outlined.

In addition, he noted that he was usually honest with his father when listening to the effects of the music:

“It was my father and he brought me to the studio, he set on a new track he was carrying out, he asked me to be truthful with him, that if I preferred how it sounded and that father-son intimacy, I was sincere with him,” he reported.


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