Juan covered 80s hits

“Dancing in the Dark”, now in the voice of Juance

MIAMI (EFE). – Junes premiered the second single of his next album, “Origin”, a song called “Dancing in the Dark”, a Spanish adaptation of the Bruce Springsteen classic, an iconic song that will be part of this new album.

Originally released in 1984, “Dancing in the Dark” was Springsteen’s song to unveil his hit and legendary album, “Born in the USA”, which ranked number seven and was the first in the United States in 1985. Was the best-selling song. . Joint.

“When you listen to this Springsteen song it sounds happy because of the rhythm, but when I read the song to adapt to Spanish I realized that it has a deeper message. That’s why I chose this version as folk Decided to present more in style, softer, ”explained Juan.

The magazine “Rolling Stone” already named the work as “one of the most anticipated albums of 2021”.

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