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Joy Huerta shared how she began her relationship with Diana 11 years ago

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Jesse y Joy singer Joy Huerta opened up about how she began her relationship with Diana Atri, her now wife, who she met 11 years ago.

Though the couple currently have two children, Joey couldn’t always tell she was in love and said she admires the way new generations are living their lives more openly and label-free. According to Joy, she met Diana through mutual friends, and although they spent time being friends, she did not realize her attraction to Atri.

Jesse and Joy charm their fans in Charlotte “I didn’t see it coming, I fell in love with Diana and it took me a while to realize I was super in love,” Joy revealed. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Joy (@joy) Joy Huerta said that the way she realized she was in love with Diana Atri and what led her to start a relationship 11 years ago starting with her was, in a way, customary. “It wasn’t until an acquaintance made a super homophobic joke that I was like, ‘Mom, that’s how I feel, I’m in love with Diana,'” Joey said in a recent interview. What’s more, in another interview with Jordi Rosado this weekend, she admitted that this happened when she was 25 years old. After a presentation by Jesse & Joy, Huerta went to dinner with Diana, after which he revealed his feelings and they realized it was mutual. Although not everything was easy, Joy revealed that she had a crisis during her father’s death, which is why she ended their relationship for about six months.

After therapy, Joy and Diana continued their relationship and after 11 years together they currently have two children. Here is the latest full interview. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Joy (@joy)

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