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Joy Behr says she ‘almost died’ after ectopic pregnancy

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Joy Behar is opening up about a near-death experience. Wednesday’s episode sightDuring a discussion about abortion rights ahead of the upcoming midterm elections, Behr revealed that she had an ectopic pregnancy more than four decades ago.

“In 1979, I had an ectopic pregnancy… I was almost dead,” Behr, 79, told what an ectopic pregnancy is.

“The [embryo] growing in the fallopian tubes. There is nowhere to go. You can’t give birth through your fallopian tubes,” she added. [embryo] Will not rise It grows, but not to full term. It will grow enough to burst the tube, which is when you bleed internally, and then you die.”

As for his experience, Behr recalled, “They took me to the hospital. The next day the doctor said, ‘We almost lost you.’ I was in a position where I could go to Beth Israel Hospital, and they took care of it there.”

With this in mind, Behr spoke out against Herschel Walker, running for Senate in Georgia, for supporting an “abortion ban without exception to rape, incest or to the health of the mother.”

“What are these people thinking when they talk about mom’s health?” Bihar inquired. “Herschel Walker, people like that, they can’t be in a position of power.”

The story of Behr’s ectopic pregnancy came on the same day as Elizabeth Hasselbeck, who co-hosted sight From 2003 to 2013, served as a guest host on the talk show. In the midst of the abortion debate, Hasselbeck, a Republican, spoke out in favor of adoption rather than abortion.

When Whoopi Goldberg disagreed with her take, Hasselbeck held up a kitchen tile that said, “I agree with you, but then we’d both be wrong.”

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