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Journalist has proof of the alleged mind loss of life of Vicente Fernández

Periodista asegura que tiene pruebas de la muerte cerebral de Vicente Fernández

Gustavo Adolfo Infante is one other one who spoke concerning the rumor concerning the present state of the singer; He claimed to know what was taking place.

MEXICO CITY – Once more, Vicente Fernandez was referring to an alarming publication during which a national-circulation journal assured the singer Mind loss of life. After this seemingly unfounded rumor, Vicente Fernández Jr., the singer’s son, was very upset publication He cleared up the controversy surrounding the medium of print in social networks.

Related, Gustavo Adolfo Infante dominated over this rumor, claiming to have contacted the guy journalist who wrote concerning the alleged present state of the singer and the makes positive you’ve gotten proof.

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Is Vicente Fernández Mind Lifeless?

After the son of the interpreter of “La ley del monte” assures that what’s printed by the journal TV Notes is completely incorrect and that he requested proof from the journalist Laura Palmer, from what she wrote within the print version, Mrs. Fernández Jr.

In a publication on her Instagram account, the journalist claimed that “El Charro de Huentitán” is mind useless and he has ulcers throughout his physique and his lungs are about to break down.

“I know the Fernández family is uncomfortable, but the public wants the information to be truthful, a reliable doctor’s report […] I deeply regret the medical diagnosis, everything, everything is supported, absolutely everything, ”stated Laura.

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Did he lie about Vicente Fernández’s mind loss of life?

In this system “De Primera Mano”, Gustavo Adolfo Infante I affirm that spoke to Laura Palmer, who assured him that he had proof of all the data he had disclosed concerning the defendant Mind loss of life of Vicente Fernández.

He didn’t give in I talked to her and I said ‘Laura what’s up’ and she says’ Gustavo, I have all the evidence ‘ That makes me think she didn’t tell me she had a copy of the medical record […]”Baby explains.

Gustavo identified that the medical doctors in command of the singer instructed him so this one isn’t mind useless, as repeated Vicente Fernandez Jr. on behalf of all his household.

“I’ve talked to the doctors and they tell me “Gustavo, that’s not true.” Last night and this morning they said to me: ‘It is not true i tell you You have the right to the doorknob, that’s a lie. ‘ And I say, ‘Why don’t you come out and say it?’ They tell me: ‘It doesn’t depend on us, it depends on the family, Fernández. Gerardo is the one who takes over the baton and we will wait for Gerardo’s clues, ”added the journalist.

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Steady and breath-dependent

Within the final official medical report it was identified Vicente Fernández “is stable, while awake “though”strongly dependent on ventilation via tracheostomy “, since his respiration effort remains to be very weak.

It’s also acknowledged that as a result of he a sluggish development, exhibits no adjustments transcendent.

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