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Journalist Guillermo Lobo, honored in Jujuy

Journalist Guillermo Lobo, honored in Jujuy

The journalist Guillermo Lobo was honored in Jujuy. Town council awarded him the San Salvador award in recognition of his skilled work. Based mostly in Buenos Aires, he maintains shut contact with the province. It was inside the framework of the supply of the awards to 37 personalities and entities of the province, distinguished of their skilled, humanitarian, inventive and cultural work.

“For me it is a huge honor to have received this distinction and to do it as a family. I want to dedicate it to my wife Karin, my daughter Maia who could not come to Jujuy and my son Gastón, who is also my colleague today because he has started his career in communication ”, he mentioned after receiving the award.

“The support of my dear brothers Malena, Raúl and Baltazar is fundamental, because without them you cannot cope with a day to day with so many demands in such a dynamic Argentina, ”mentioned Lobo. And in skilled issues he thanked Ricardo Ravanelli, Artear’s information director, indicating that “in this context of a pandemic, he has been key as a responsible editor.”

And he added: “The networks have been key: in some cases they helped a lot to fight against the pandemic, but in many others, with unchecked information, with rumors, with fake news; they have contributed to deficient control of the pandemic Social networks in some cases have harmed the fight for better health. While the media with a responsible editor, as Ravanelli says, have tried to provide clear, concrete, reliable and timely information. “

Lobo congratulated and shared the award with the opposite awardees, together with docs and referents of the totally different areas of well being who perform the struggle in opposition to COVID-19, native businessmen and entrepreneurs, and folks from the civil sector who made vital contributions to the group.

As for the non-public, he confirmed proud to be from Jujuy. “It is an inheritance in the DNA, I owe it to my mother Eva Rivero and my father Lucio Ramón. And we Jujuy have as a common denominator pride for our land, pride for our Pachamama. I have had the opportunity to interview high-ranking scientists from Jujuy abroad and the only thing they talk about is our land. Also to exalted Jujuy athletes who only speak of our beloved Jujuy, Long live Jujuy! ”, He concluded.

The Province Of Jujuy Recognized 27 Personalities And Entities.

The province of Jujuy acknowledged 27 personalities and entities.

The occasion was chaired by Mayor Raúl Jorge. And Governor Gerardo Morales obtained a statuette “in the name of the Jujuy people” for the work that the provincial establishments perform within the face of the drama of the pandemic. For humanitarian work they distinguished the Emergency Directorate, Docs Jujeños and Margarita Medina, amongst others.