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Journalist assures that Maite Perroni has a son from Andrés Tovar. expected


The former RBD is pregnant, a renowned journalist has confirmed.

MEXICO CITY. – A month before, Maite Perroni and Andrés Tovar Confirmed their romance, however, the couple surprised again, as rumors suggest that the actress and the producer would be together expecting their first child.

The controversial announcement was revealed by a journalist who mentioned it Maite and Andrés soon they will become the pregnancy of the former member of. confirm RBD.

We know that about Maite Perroni’s pregnancy

It was on the YouTube program Productora 69 that the journalist Jorge Carbajal revealed that Andrés Tovar and Maite perroni they are waiting for their first child.

Likewise, Carbajal mentioned that the couple will not use social networks to promote the expecting their first childas it happened when both agreed to be in a romantic relationship. On this occasion, the actress and the producer get the news through a famous one social journal.

The journalist said that too Maite perroni you find in first trimester of your pregnancy.

There is a witness Maite has already seen pregnant

Jorge Carbajal commented that he found out about the singer’s pregnancy after a mutual friend of his and the actress agreed on an aesthetic north of Mexico City. The friend told her that ex RBD wore a bulbous belly.

“The weekend, in an aesthetic from here in Altavista […] You finish the attachment Maite perroni And when you take off your robes, little sisters, what? the belly comes out, It’s not that big yet, but it already brings pregnancy to the stomach, it does […], Details carbajal

Hear Jorge Carbajal talk about Maite’s pregnancy from minute 1:00:33

Maite Perroni third in the competition?

Maite Perroni and Andrés Tovar they publicly announced last October 20th Your advertisement through several photos and a long message in which they describe in detail how the love came about.

However, weeks before the confirmation of their romance, the actress has Claudia Martin, who was Andrés’s wife, pointed out Maite as the reason for his separation from the producer of “Sale El Sol”. After Claudia’s allegations, the former RBD announced that it would take legal action against Tovar’s ex-wife.

but Andrés Tovar and Maite Perroni would end that controversy by your. confirm romance assure that “things were not as they were told”[…]”.

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