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Joss Stone reveals what it’s like to go on a pregnant tour and recounts a solidarity act from their last meeting

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There are artists who have come to Argentina much less frequently, while others always keep the country in mind on their tours. And though nearly seven years have passed since his last show, Joss Stone is quickly approaching another group: Next Tuesday he’ll be making his fourth visit to Luna Park again.

On this occasion, the excuse is the presentation of his new album. never forget my love, which she launched just four months ago, and which once again confirms that she is one of the great voices that have emerged over the past two decades. your debut soul session It remains a true classic and each work confirms his talent.

In any case, beyond recording, seeing her live is quite the event, because of her voice, her smile, her bare feet and her ability to combine her songs with some of the genre’s landmark hits.

Joss Stone on his last visit to the country in 2015.  Courtesy RR Photos.

Joss Stone on his last visit to the country in 2015. Courtesy RR Photos.

She has sold over 15 million records, but she seems relaxed and approachable in Zoom chat. He listens in his living room regardless of the backlight from the window, and immediately recalls an indelible memory of one of his trips to Argentina: “I especially remember that I went to a children’s house on the outskirts of Buenos Aires. And it was an unforgettable experience. Amazing because the people were so nice.

It’s not normal for you to do that, is it?

-No. Normally I do shows and nothing else. At most I go to a restaurant. Nothing else! And I know full well that life isn’t just what you see at a show and a hotel; This is not how life is meant to be lived. So it was great to get a little out of town at that time.

-what were you doing there?

That day he was helping boys with toothaches in villages where they didn’t even have running water. We also distribute school supplies. They were all very open and kind.

Joss Stone, Press Photo

Joss Stone, Press Photo


-I read that you were on tour in the United States, but it looks like you are at home. How is that?

-(Quiet) Wait until Grandma takes my daughter to the zoo. I wanted to make sure you had everything… (pause) ready! Yes, actually I am at home as I live in the USA now. Last night I gave a recital in Nashville and I was back.

-You are singing some very interesting covers on this tour. Tell me how you chose them.

-We have a little mix Midnight Train to Georgia by Gladys Knight, I say A Little Prayer What did Aretha Franklin sing? and also it’s a man’s world by James Brown. It depends on what kind of people are there. sometimes we do I put a spell on you Screamin’ by Jay Hawkins, son of a Preacher Man Dusty Springfield Or cleaning lady by Betty Wright. They are potential covers, but that doesn’t mean we always play them all. They are the ones we have prepared.

Tell me how you were integrating new songs into the repertoire.

-These songs are great to do live; They are almost made with concerts in mind. They are not based on just one groove, but they flow well and have a good dynamic where they grow and shrink in intensity. Singing live like this is ideal.

“Never Forget My Love”, Joss Stone’s final album.

-How did the idea of ​​re-recording come about with Dave Stewart as producer?

-We are always in touch. In fact, I was working with him on a theatrical project called The Time Traveler’s Wife,

Is it drama or music?

-It’s a musical that will premiere in October. This is not the same as making songs for records, as it is a different genre, more suitable for theatre. When we were writing those songs I told him that I wanted to make a new album and make it look like the old Dusty Springfield record, with Burt Bacharach type production. He got excited and proposed to do it together. And since he has a record label, he even offered to release it.

That’s why they recorded everything live, with a very organic sound.

-Actually from the beginning of my career I recorded each instrument in the same way rather than separately. with Dave we already worked like this when we made LP1 in 2011. This way of working was nothing special for us, but maybe it is for other actors. The way each song was composed was different, adding a lot of drama to the tunes.

pregnant again

Josh Stone.

Josh Stone.

-How are you going to deal with being a mom and going on tour around the world?

It’s a new experience and it’s great. Being a mother is hard and tiring work, but wonderful. And now I’m even more tired because I’m pregnant again. Yesterday I was in bed with my daughter before the show, and I remember all I wanted was for her to fall asleep, but all of a sudden she came out, stroked my hair and kissed me a little. It was the most! Boys are the best, even if you’re falling from exhaustion!

Do you go on tour with him?

-Yes. For now she is very young, so going on tour is easy. I know it will be more complicated later because he is about to go to school. As long as they’re kids, I’ll have to tour a lot, because then I’ll probably stop. Or I’ll take very short trips during your summer vacation!

-I was going to ask you how you passed the quarantine, but I think the answer is “pregnant”.

-accurate. And it was great. It’s easy to get pregnant during a lockdown where they don’t let you out at work. Of course, at the beginning of the pandemic we were all a little scared because it looked like it was going to kill us all. And it was terrible that it killed so many people, so it was not an unfounded fear. I was away from my family: my father and my brothers were in England and I wanted to keep them with me. Now it is over and I think we need not fear anymore.

His podcast “A Cuppa Happy”

Josh Stone.

Josh Stone.

Why did you decide to make a podcast?

It was because of the pandemic. I felt that my job was taken away from me and I was not allowed to please people, because the only way I could do that was to get together and sing in a choir together. that’s what I do! And suddenly I realized that singing is just an instrument that I have, and I can do other things.

-And the podcast appeared.

-Yes. I thought about how to reach people at home, and that’s how the podcast came about, to help others and myself. I also took cooking classes on Facebook, which was hilarious. I felt like I had put together a small community.

-A few years ago you starred in the series “Empire”. did you have fun?

-Yes. Came out by chance. They just wanted a girl who was English and annoying. “I can do it,” I said! I was there for a very short time and it was not a significant role; just a cameo. It was fun and it was nice to do something different. On the other hand, before, when I was in the Tudors It was more serious and I learned something new. I would love to do something like this again.

work with mick jagger

Superheavy, at the time Joss Stone was in a supergroup with ex-Eurimix Dave Stewart, son of Bob Marley, famous Indian songwriters AR Rahman and Mick Jagger.

Superheavy, at the time Joss Stone was in a supergroup with ex-Eurimix Dave Stewart, son of Bob Marley, famous Indian songwriters AR Rahman and Mick Jagger.

-How was that experience integrating Superheavy Band with Mick Jagger?

-I was actually in the same room with four giants: Mick Jagger, Dave Stewart, AR Rahman and Damien Marley. He was so crazy! I think what was really crazy was the concept, when one thought about it, but in practice it was something common and everyday, where some people that people put on a pedestal were working together.

-But it was Jagger!

The funny thing was, we were working on creating a little magic for people, and Mick has been doing that for decades and that’s why so many people are into his magic. But you have to remember that this is just a spell, because on a day to day basis he is a big hearted, smart and funny guy. It was great to spend time with someone whom people consider to be an untouchable.


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