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Joss Stone and a dazzling show where he made a fan’s dream come true

Time passes, but the presence Josh Stone On stage it continues to impress. He will celebrate his 20th career next year, but Her voice sounds stronger and more confident than ever. Four years and two pregnancies – currently in her second – have passed since her last performance in the country, but last night before a full Luna Park, the singer once again demonstrated why she is the child prodigy known as Mick Jagger. Superheavy was selected by the supergroup

Joss Stone performed at the packed Luna Park.  Photos Emmanuel Fernandez

Joss Stone performed at the packed Luna Park. Photos Emmanuel Fernandez

Barefoot as ever, Joss took to the stage with a dazzling smile, struck by the love of her audience and looking like the happiest person in the world. His repertoire comprised a large part of his extensive discography. including hits like super duper love either you had meGoing through the songs from his latest album never forget my love and even making room for other people’s songs they’ve already made their own I put a Spell on You,

Full of charisma and with an incomparable voice, the English musician fell in love with the Argentine public for the fourth time – she was in 2008, 2012 and starred in Colon Theater In 2018 – In a show where nothing has been denied: She revealed the gender of the baby she’s expecting via Instagram LiveSinging along to a female audience and singing her anthem got emotional about the show’s finale right to be wrong,

Joss Stone was introduced to Argentina for the fourth time.

Joss Stone was introduced to Argentina for the fourth time.

like home

The feeling was present at all times. In the audience, who reunited with their idol, who followed for the first time, they heard the young English woman incorporating the mythical spirit with a “black voice” into her acclaimed Spirit Sessions Volume I. And in the singer, who was shocked and shaken to see that thousands of people gathered again to see her.

Connie Isla was in charge of heating the engines. After Katie Tunstall suspended her participation in the Latin American tour due to a health issue, the Argentine singer replaced her in the lead opening act. And it didn’t disappoint. With an energetic band and a packed Luna Park, the singer gave a 40-minute show where she performed some of the most popular songs of her short but promising career.

The clock struck 9:00 pm and finally the main event of the night took place. Dressed in a pink outfit and a 5-month pregnant belly, Joss Stone made an appearance and the stadium erupted in applause. The night began with their classic funk . resulted from free me and as the seasoned mistress of the ceremony that she is to her second subject big ‘ol game The singer invited the public to join her with a whisper.

Willing to do anything to please fans, Stone and his powerhouse backing band put on a quick show with the set list playing freely and exchanging conversations and stories about their lives. and he also had the luxury Sing a short cover of “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina” With a gentle anecdote about his daughter and living in our country.

The singer made a small cover of "don't cry for me argentina"

The singer made a short cover of “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina”.

Singing continued with the song, which gives its name to their latest album, followed by their classic super duper love Where he invited the public to get up from the chairs and dance. tell me what we gonna do now, karma You you’re my girlfriend He completed the first part of the show. But the surprise came when the singer performed “Teardrops”.

Fulfilling the “Girl’s Dream”

“I Want to Sing With You” was heard in the audience when Joss and his band decided which song they were going to do next. The singer wondered if she knew the lyrics drop tears, the next song they were supposed to perform. Excited and spirited, Belen Bukonic reached the front row on her 40th birthday, waiting for the moment to make her dream come true.

“She is the musical reference for me, of everything. My big dream is to be her showgirl, to work for her! I follow her, I admire her, I even travel to see her” , Belen later exclusively told Clarins, who will never forget the night where she was able to share a song with her idol.

The microphone went from hand to hand between them while they explained the cover that is part of Spirit Sessions Volume II, Stone, astonished by Belen’s spontaneity, didn’t hesitate to tell her that “this song will never be the same without her.” And every time I played her, I was going to think about that moment.

In his social networks, Belen shared the emotional moment and penned “It will always be with me in my soul.”


The evening continued with endless songs that inspired the public to sing and dance and with a moment that surprised even her current partner, who was living the show via Instagram Live, performed by the singer.

I “Cody and my daughter are already asleep, how boring isn’t it?” He joked in front of his current and virtual audience before breaking the news. act complied She excitedly remarked that she was expecting a boy. Leaving the entire stadium stunned and delighted. Laughing he said, “What a way to reveal it, isn’t it?”

Her tour continues in Chile and although she is in her fifth month of pregnancy, she is not planning to stop for now. And about to go on tour in that state, the singer thinks “It’s a new experience and it’s great. Being a mother is hard and tiring, but wonderful”

Joss Stone shows off her 5 month pregnancy.

Joss Stone shows off her 5 month pregnancy.

a journey that went unnoticed

For her show in Luna Park, the singer decided Have fun on the streets of Buenos Aires and test your fans.

On Monday afternoon, through his Instagram account, Stone was shown walking with his family in the streets of Recoleta, near the cemetery area. There he presented a challenge that was going to test his fans and the one who could reach it the fastest would win. Because the singer was in charge of hiding envelopes with concert tickets in different hiding places in the neighborhood.

Very excited, the singer recorded herself in separate videos where she was seen giving “awards” at special places. One of the locations chosen was a red telephone booth in the best English style and the other was a table in the local cafeteria.

After choosing the locations, Joss waited for the arrival of two lucky people who got passes not only for the show, but also for meeting them.


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Reference from clarin www.clarin.com

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