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Josimar: the controversial loves of the ‘King of perucha sauce’

Josimar and his controversial love relationships.

Josimar Fidel Farfán, better known as Josimaris in the eye of the storm and it is that, after marrying Yadira Cárdenas in the United States, everything seems to indicate that he has left this marriage of less than a year to resume his relationship with the mother of his last daughter, Maria Fe Saldaña .

However, this is not the first time that Josimar is involved in the scandal. Previously, the king of salsa has been accused of infidelity and even physical assault by another of his ex-partners. Since he was part of the Grupo 5 cumbia orchestra, where he gained great popularity, Josimar has had controversial love relationships that have put him in the eye of the storm.

Miracles Aliaga

During one of his presentations with the group Mangú, in La Victoria, Josimar He met Milagros Aliaga, mother of Jonely, eldest daughter of the salsa performer. The two began a romance, but later decided to end the relationship due to lack of compatibility after being together for six years.

“We ended up because we did not understand each other, we were very young”pointed out the young woman when remembering her affair in the disappeared program Válgame Dios.

Milagros has assured that she maintains a cordial relationship with Josimar for the well-being of her daughter. “We have always talked, we always have communication for our daughter. He sees my daughter, I have no reason to deny him that.”. Although Aliga indicated that she had no problems with her ex-partner, the Válgame Dios program revealed that Milagros had denounced Josimar for abandoning her home in 2011.

“As a couple nothing is rosy, we will have discussed but no hands or anything”Josimar’s ex-partner commented when asked about the complaint.

Milagros Aliaga is the mother of Josimar's eldest daughter.
Milagros Aliaga is the mother of Josimar’s eldest daughter.

andrea garcia

Josimar and Andrea Garcia They began a romantic relationship in 2011. Then, they were symbolically married after five years of living together. As a result of this romance, the second son of the national artist was born.

This marriage was involved in great controversy after Andrea García revealed alleged mistreatment suffered at the hands of Josimar when she was four months pregnant. “I left him for mistreatment, Josimar is a very aggressive person”he pointed out in the defunct program I have something to tell you.

After the separation, which occurred in 2014, Andrea pointed out that Josimar was still looking for her and even asked her to have another child together. “Josimar came to my house drunk and I even have audios where he tells me to have another child, he’s crazy”revealed the young woman.

Andrea García accused the singer of having mistreated her while pregnant.
Andrea García accused the singer of having mistreated her while pregnant.

But not only that, Andrea García accused Josimar of having replaced her within days of ending her relationship with her dancer, a young underage girl with initials AZ

“I left home, for example, on a Monday and on Wednesday another woman was already living there. Because when she went to pick up the rest of the things that were left, the woman was already there sleeping, in my sheets, in my bedspread, in my living room, in my things ”he indicated.

In February 2021, Andrea García denounced the singer for a debt of 15 thousand soles, since Josimar would not have given him the full alimony for his son for 10 months.

For his part, Josimar has been in charge of denying all these accusations, alleging that Andrea García blackmails him every time he needed money, despite fulfilling his obligations to his son.

Gianella Ydoña

Josimar married Gianella Ydoña, mother of his third child, on December 16, 2017. However, in May 2019, the vocalist of Josimar y su Yambú reported that their relationship had come to an end, amid speculation of alleged infidelity.

These rumors were fueled when the Magaly TV program, La Firme supported Josimar with a young 17-year-old dancer during one of his concerts.

Likewise, Gianella Ydoña accused Josimar of having thrown her out of the house after ending the relationship. “Of course, (he throws me out) with all my things and with my son. I went to my mom’s house for a while until he rented the apartment where I am now.”.

Josimar assured that his wedding with Gianella Ydoña was symbolic and not legal.
Josimar assured that his wedding with Gianella Ydoña was symbolic and not legal.

In turn, Gianella publicly accused of having suffered blows from Josimar. However, she ended up not pressing charges against her ex-partner because they had come to good terms.

In 2020, Josimar was again in the eye of the storm after Gianella accused him of not paying his son’s alimony. The young woman even showed images of a basket of groceries that she had sent her, where she can see a bag with chicken legs.

Mary Faith Saldana

Today, Josimar has a love relationship with Mary Faith Saldana, a 20-year-old girl, who has just recently confirmed that she is pregnant with the salsero’s fourth child. However, their relationship would have come to an end after Josimar was protected by hugging a mysterious woman in the United States, a country to which she was unable to travel. Maria faith due to lack of visa.

Despite this scandal, Josimar and María Fe continued their relationship. However, the last ampay would have been the straw that broke the camel’s back, since the 20-year-old hinted that she would raise her daughter on her own. “From now on it will only be you and me, I promise to give you the best of me and never leave you alone in my life because you are the most precious treasure that God could give me”indicated María Fe after confirming her pregnancy.

Josimar assures that he is aware of the daughter he has with his ex-partner María Fe Saldaña.  (Photo: Capture / Instagram)
Josimar assures that he is aware of the daughter he has with his ex-partner María Fe Saldaña. (Photo: Capture / Instagram)

Angie Zapata

Angie Zapata She was a dancer who started an affair with Josimar when he was still married to Gianella Ydoña. As it became known, the salsero would have had a relationship with both women at the same time, cheating on both.

The cameras of Magaly TV: La Firme captured them together. They met when the young woman was part of the staff of salsa dancers. According to Zapata, they were together for three months, after learning the truth she did not hesitate to call him a womanizer.

“Yes, we stayed for three months. They told me that they saw him taking a photo with Maria Fe when we were there. I don’t think Josimar is a womanizer, I’m sure, “said the young woman on the Magaly Medina program.

Josimar was captured with Angie Zapata.  (Magaly TV: The Firm)
Josimar was captured with Angie Zapata. (Magaly TV: The Firm)

Diana Quiroga

A young girl living in the United States jumped to the national scene after revealing that she had had intimate encounters with the salsero, when he was in a relationship with Yadira Cárdenas, the woman he later married.

In conversation with Magaly TV: La Firme, the young woman revealed some details of her visits to the salsero. She even confessed some very intimate details of both when they met at the Hyatt Place Fair Lawn / Paramus hotel. “When I arrived we began to plate, when we were intimate he didn’t even take off his shirt… I’ve had better ones,” she commented.

Diana Quiroga shines with Josimar.  (Magaly TV: The Firm)
Diana Quiroga shines with Josimar. (Magaly TV: The Firm)

Yadira Cardenas

In 2021, Josimar decided to start a new life in the United States. The salsero worked in more than one presentation in the North American country, but he was surprised when he began to have a relationship with a Cuban with American nationality named Yadira Cardenas.

And it is that, the singer left Peru still committed to María Fe Saldaña, who did not travel by visa and also became pregnant. Months later, the salsero married the 39-year-old Cuban in an intimate ceremony that took place in December 2021. Although everything seemed to be going well, now the salsero would have resumed his relationship with María Fe, with whom he would find himself vacationing in Cancun.

Josimar celebrated his wedding with a crazy hour and a live orchestra.  (Photo: CaptureTV)
Josimar celebrated his wedding with a crazy hour and a live orchestra. (Photo: CaptureTV)


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