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Josie Totah, Alycia Pascual-Peña and Yasmine Hamady launch ‘Dare We Say’ podcast (exclusive)

saved by the Bell Alums Josie Tota and Alicia Pascual-Pea are reuniting for a new project, a no-holds-barred podcast with their BFF, Yasmin Hamadi, where they talk about everything from hookup culture to critical race theory to LGBTQ+ rights. Get real information about dare we say11 as part of the Crooked Media family, sees the trio having passionate (and sometimes respectfully heated) discussions about the issues and topics affecting their lives, and the only ET special The official trailer of the podcast officially begins.

The three best friends, who moved in together at the start of the pandemic in 2020, spend each episode digging deep on a specific topic, as well as bringing in special guests – such as fellow actors, comedians, politicians and more. Older people – their generation, Gen Z, was brought in to shed light on issues they may not be experts in and to better contextualize the world. Their different upbringings, identities and perspectives fuel the animated conversations that drive their new podcast.

The idea of ​​a podcast evolved organically between the three. After meeting years ago, Totah and Hamadi spent hours chatting as if they had been best friends for years, until even came up with the idea of ​​creating a podcast together. Pascual-Pea came into the picture once on a Netflix movie moxie with peacock and later saved by the BellIt was as if they were all separated at birth, Parrot said. Then 2020 happened, and the need for an outlet to express their frustrations and digest what was happening in the world was much greater than before. Two years later, his podcast dream is now coming true.

“When everything was happening around us, we were all processing it and going through it together, when people would tell us they learned from our conversations or after speaking to us, they were like ‘You guys should make a podcast about this,’ it reignited our early dream and wanted to make it a reality,” Tota shared with ET on a Zoom call with Pascual-Pea and Hamadi. “And we really wanted a place that would talk about the things that are really important to us, but also a place where we could really have fun and play games and see each other.” Can love even more.”

“The thing that really encouraged us more than anything was that we knew we were best friends and we could talk for a very long time, but people would leave our house and say, ‘I really I learned from him,’ or, ‘Wow, that was a perspective I’ve never heard before,'” Pascual-Pea said. “I think it really inspired us to pursue a forum for these discussions does and also discusses that we wish we had heard or empowered us. We felt like we were learning from each other and we were cultivating this beautiful community that empowered us and we were saying, ‘Hopefully, we can bring this joy and bring laughter and education to other people. because we are all part of a marginalized group in one way or another. Let’s build that space because we don’t see it.”

Hamadi said their different backgrounds and different opinions make their debate interesting and illuminating. “Many times, at least in podcasts, you see a group of people who don’t have a real relationship before a business relationship, who all have similar views, discussions, and topics,” she said, adding that “diversity of thought” is important. and it is encouraged Dare we say. “We really disagree on some things. We have our own opinions because that’s the world we live in. Not everyone is going to think alike. Obviously, our morals are all aligned, it’s non-negotiable. But, I feel like these themes, we want to spark change, we want to spark ideas, we want to spark conversation from all aspects – not just left, not just right, middle, top and bottom.”

“Alicia is a proud, beautifully talented, intelligent Afro-Latina from the Bronx. Yasmin is from Palo Alto and went to theater school. And I’m a pre-recovering child star who grew up in San Francisco, but I live in L.A. Was the last 10 years. Those three trips are completely different,” Parrot said. “Yasmin and I are both of Lebanese descent, and I’m very proud of that. And so, I think everyone can find themselves in at least one of us. You find yourself in at least one of us.” One can find in and relate to our experience.”

Jokingly Hamadi split the conversation into NSFW territory, saying: “We are sisters, but from different worlds – in the same uterus, different sperm donors, one could argue.”

Parrot admits that their friendship journey over the years hasn’t been perfect, and that some of them make appearances on podcasts. “Because we are so different, we have to work to confront our differences and embrace them to make us work together,” she said, “because we can’t help the fact that we are all from or we are the story we have, but we can help the fact that we are choose What to do with that and how do we hug each other. I think it’s the most beautiful part of our dynamic.”

As the trailer teases, Totah, Pascual-Pea and Hamadi aren’t scared go there If they want to. But the girls said they had a lengthy discussion before agreeing to do a podcast about setting limits. “We’re not just having these funny little conversations. We’re talking about everything from hookup culture to our backgrounds, our sexual identities, and everything in between, and talking about everything won’t be easy, so What are we okay saying?” Hamadi said. “People all over the world will have access to it. We just want to make sure we’re all on the same page when talking about things and when we talk about episodes, and ideas that we want to do, sometimes we ‘ Then it’s like, ‘Mmm, maybe not.’ And I’m like, ‘Why don’t we want to do this?’ To be that clear communication in dialogue and to always approach with love.”

However, Parrot and Pascual-Pea are removed less than three months after Peacock’s surprise cancellation. saved by the BellThey seem comfortable moving on to bigger and better things — with,

“Honestly, I think our plan is working. Our plan has been to keep working together and see us now. You’re talking mom flipping Zoom for something else!” Pascual-Pea said. “We’re grateful for the time we had on the show. We were really proud of some of the things we were able to say. As much as we’ve done with the show, in those two seasons, I just lost my f*ck. * Really grateful for the opportunity to work with Raja’s best friend, build such beautiful relationships and I am really humbled and honored that people come to us and tell us whether we made them laugh or they themselves We saw that in us, in one way or another. I think we did our job and we are proud and we are trying to work together till we are old and gray. I think we succeed in that. And Yasmin is on the bandwagon, so, girl, you keep watching us. We’re good, we’re great.”

“we can write a saved by the Bell Reboot, but it’s only the three of us,” Hamady joked.

“That’s the only IP we’re going to pull from for the rest of our lives,” cried Parrot. “We’re only going to saved by the Bell reboot.”

dare we say Drop on August 11th, with new episodes every Thursday, everywhere you find your podcasts.

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