Home Entertainment Josh Peck talks about Drake Bell’s child endangerment case

Josh Peck talks about Drake Bell’s child endangerment case

Josh Peck talks about Drake Bell's child endangerment case

Josh Peck is talking about his former co-star. At the Thursday premiere of his upcoming Disney + series, Turner and Hooch, the 34-year-old actor publicly commented on Drake Bell’s recent sentencing for the first time. Peck and Bell co-starred in Nickelodeon Drake and Josh from 2004 to 2007.

“It’s disturbing and it’s an unfortunate situation,” Peck said. Variety at the premiere. “It’s disappointing”.

Bell was indicted in May and initially pleaded not guilty to two criminal charges of attempting to endanger children and disseminating material harmful to minors. On June 23, however, Bell changed his guilty plea.

Earlier this month, Bell was sentenced to two years of probation, ordered to do 200 hours of community service, and prohibited from contacting the victim in the case, after pleading guilty to two criminal counts of attempting to put in danger to children and disseminate material harmful to minors, according to multiple outputs.

During that hearing, the victim, who met Bell online and attended one of his concerts in Cleveland when he was 15, read a statement referring to the actor as “a pedophile” and a “coward,” according to the media.

The media reported that Bell also released a statement, telling the court: “I accept this statement because my conduct was wrong. I am sorry that the victim was hurt in any way, but obviously that was not my intention. I have taken this matter very, very seriously. very seriously, and again I just want to apologize to her and anyone else who may have been affected by my actions. “

After the hearing, Bell’s attorneys, Ian Friedman and Madelyn Grant, released a statement on Twitter, denying many of the victim’s claims.

“Today’s guilty plea and sentencing reflect conduct for which Mr. Bell did accept responsibility,” the statement read. “The victim’s accusations that went beyond what was agreed to by all parties, not only lack supporting evidence, but are contradicted by facts known through extensive investigation. As the court made clear, this statement He never referred to sexual misconduct or sexual relations with anyone – just a minor. “

“Sex registration was not imposed as Mr. Bell did not plead guilty to any such crime,” the statement continued. “Drake and his family are relieved and grateful to have this matter behind them. He hopes, once again, to perform for all of his fans around the world.”

Less than an hour after his sentencing, Bell took to Instagram live to sing a song with his son, which he shares with his wife, Janet Von Schmeling.