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José Manuel Figueroa is in mourning after a painful loss; “I wanted it very much”

  • The son of the singer Joan Sebastian, has just suffered a loss
  • José Manuel Figueroa explains what happened
  • The Mexican singer confesses that he has a strong character because of his father

Jose Manuel Figueroa in mourning. The 47-year-old Mexican singer-songwriter announced yesterday the unfortunate news of the loss of a loved one, and expressed his feelings in a video that he posted on his Instagram account yesterday. Joan Sebastian’s son also detailed what had happened.

Let us remember that a short time ago the singer-songwriter was involved in a controversy with his ex-girlfriend, who separated after the Venezuelan admitted that she was tired of the infinities of José Manuel, now, the son of the deceased singer has just suffered another loss.

The faithful companion of the singer dies

Jose Manuel Figueroa in mourning

Visibly affected, José Manuel Figueroa decided to make a video on Instagram putting his fans in context about what happened. It turns out that the singer’s pet died, and it is that his fans had already been aware of what was happening, so Figueroa decided to break the silence once and for all.

“Hello my people, I hope you are very well, at least better than me,” he said in a video on his Instagram account. “The truth is that many people have been asking me what’s up, what happened to Tobias. That they already found out that the dog died. And well, unfortunately, my people, yes, Tobias actually died on me.” The also actor began by saying. Filed Under: José Manuel Figueroa in mourning

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