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José José wanted to sing in Fine Arts and they denied it, says his former representative

Many famous people want to appear in one of the most important venues in Mexico, Bellas Artes. Very few have achieved it like Juan Gabriel and others have paid tribute to him in life or death in this place, like José José, who always wanted to give a concert in such an emblematic building.

Laura Núñez, former representative of José José, gave an interview to the sun rises and expressed that the singer always wanted to give a concert in Fine Arts, but unfortunately They denied it on different occasions. Also, this place was special for him. prince of song because his father sang there.

“Her father sang there, it was the great tenor José Sosa Esquivel and he really wanted to. He wanted to be there and one time we went to an event at Bellas Artes and as a kid he showed me how he ran through Bellas Artes when his dad would take him as a kid. He was left with that desire to be in such an important venue and they always denied him “.

On the other hand, Laura Núñez applauded that Fine Arts had agreed to pay tribute to Silvia Pinal and that he regrets that it had not happened with José José, to whom the doors of the venue were opened when he died.

“How ugly that by pressing they have to pay you a tribute and how ugly that they open the doors for you dead as it was in the case of José. I love her very much (Silvia Pinal), she was very attentive to José’s illness and I was talking to her very often.

Finally, he said that although José José died almost 3 years ago still not overcome the death of the singer with whom he worked for several years.

“I have not been able to relieve and fight my mourning, although I know that the pantheon is a ritual, I have not been able to go to the pantheon alone and I admire people who go alone and cry. I couldn’t.”


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