Jose Joel reveals property and royalty in Jose Jose’s will

Enel jose is the universal heir of jose

Mexico.- Jose joel, Son of second marriage Jose jose with annel noronaTalked to ki universal The qualities that are in your father’s will.

According to the politician, the will includes two properties located in the United States, but they have not started it yet. Legal procedure for claiming them.

Jose jose royalty

In his interview, JayOse Joel talks about his father’s royalty status for 300+ hits And that in 2010 they were organized by Sony Music Record Company.

No pesos for “Sarita”

“At the time when this girl Sarah Sosa takes my father to Mexico, when he took her, in front of my sister, from her record house, Laurita, her representative, says the same record company.” They freeze everything. , Not a peso for this. Little girl “. Not even for the man who is not in the circumstances right now,” he said.

According to the singer’s son, now that Enel has been named as the heir, the label started arranging the necessary documentation. However, the estimated number of amounts they will receive is not yet in place.

“We’re not talking about millions of dollars, we’re talking about an important recording career, important artist royalties, my dad wasn’t a hit songwriter. But hey, Jose Jose has had over 300 in his entire career Have achieved more successes, so we are talking about something interesting ”.

It is also estimated that Jose Jose left a million and a half pesos paid by Televisa for the creation of his autobiographical series.

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