Home Entertainment José Joel is saved from being eliminated

José Joel is saved from being eliminated

José Joel is saved from being eliminated

MEXICO CITY (El Common) .— Accompanying a mole with pineapple chunks was the error that José Joel had in his elimination dish through the third broadcast of “MasterChef Celebrity”, one thing that the cooks criticized him, but it surely was not motive sufficient to benefit the elimination, a indisputable fact that left his teammates dismayed.

José José’s son got here nose to nose with journalist Matilde Obregón, who was sentenced to a excessive wire for having abused butter. Ultimately she walked out of the cooking competitors hinting that it was an injustice.

“The people who are watching the program know who should come out,” Matilde stated as she handed over her apron.

A few of his colleagues made feedback earlier than the cameras similar to “I expected José Joel to come out”, “If there is someone who has made many mistakes, it is José Joel” and “Matilde is a great piece that is leaving”.

Even Aida Cuevas, José Joel’s teammate, with whom the singer has assured that he has a detailed household friendship, stated she felt unhappy as a result of her good friend left: “I have made a lot of connection with Matilde, it hurts me that she leaves.”

Nevertheless, earlier than the choice of the judges, José Joel joined the group of 17 members who proceed within the competitors.

The third chapter additionally revealed the Mexican id felt by international contestants such because the Venezuelan Alicia Machado and the Cuban William Valdés, who cried once they introduced their mole.

However not solely they cried, but additionally Mauricio Islas, who remembered their kids, and Aida, who stated she was happy with her roots. This truth was criticized by some customers on Twitter.

“It’s called ‘Mole mi bautizo’, because I’ve been in Mexico for many years and for me making a mole like the one I did is like my baptism,” stated Alicia; whereas Valdés accepted that typically he feels that his household is lacking. “My dream is that my mother no longer cleans houses, my mother cleans houses in the United States,” stated Valdés.

Uncomfortable moments

On going as much as the balcony, Paty Navidad made a remark that offended all her colleagues: “It is an honor to go up with those who do know,” stated the actress, who later apologized.

La Bebeshita confessed that she was distracted because of a love breakup and Chef Betty tried to assist her. In networks they in contrast her with a psychologist.

Laura Flores made enjoyable of Alicia Machado when Tony Balardi performed her as a associate; Within the earlier version, Tony and Machado performed as a pair, that’s the reason Laura Flores expressed: “No way Miss Universe.”