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José Emiliano, the son of Pepe Aguilar who does not succeed in music and was in jail

The career of Ángela, daughter of Pepe Aguilar is in full swing, The young woman has managed to perform on major stages inside and outside the country. Both artists are currently on their ‘Jaripeo without borders’ tour in the United States, where they fill all the venues they reach.

Although Ángela Aguilar and Leonardo seek to continue the legacy of the ‘Aguilar Dynasty’, the other two children of Pepe Aguilar have decided to stay out of the cameras and dedicate themselves to other things off the stage. Aneliz Aguilar is recognized on social networks thanks to her taste in fashion.

José Emiliano Aguilar is the fourth son of Pepe Aguilar who decided not to continue with music but was under the scrutiny of hundreds of media in 2017 after spending a couple of months in prison after being accused by the crime of human trafficking.

The firstborn of the Mexican regional music singer was detained at the border between Tijuana and San Ysidro, California by US authorities. Emiliano spent several months in prison and was in a rehabilitation clinic for drug use, he was released thanks to the payment of bail.

Five years after that moment in Emiliano’s life, now he is part of Pepe Aguilar’s team and usually accompanies them on their tours, or at least that was recently noticed at the Premios Juventud 2021 where he was captured in the same hotel as his brothers, Angela and Leonardo.

On more than one occasion, José Emiliano has mentioned that he does not seek to follow the same path as his brothers and will not try to venture into music, but he is happy to be able to participate with them behind the scenes.


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