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Jorge Varas, actor from Los Simuladores and from the Argentine film that competed at the Venice Festival, died

At the age of 68, the actor Jorge Varas died, remembered for his participation in the series simulators -among other works that also had him in film and television-. In addition, he had recently played a role in the film Argentina, 1985which competed days ago at the Venice Film Festival.

“It is with great sadness that we fire the actor Jorge Varas. He was a member of our union since 1980. He carried out an uninterrupted and extensive career in theater, cinema, TV and advertising. Our condolences to his loved ones, accompanying them in pain,” the news confirmed. the Argentine Association of Actors, which presides over Alejandra Darinwhere the actor got involved in the union role.

Without being a figure, he had a long career, especially on television with participation in hits such as The simulators, Married with children, Floricienta, La Leona, You are my life, My forever friends, Lord daddies, The successful Pells, All against Juan, Love in custody, Desperate housewives, Brava doll, Almost angels, They are made of iron, Pirate soul, Los Roldán, Corner of light and I am a gypsy.

He was born on April 28, 1954 and his first steps were in his youth, as soon as he finished high school, until little by little he was earning a place on the screens. The last thing that was known about him was his performance in the film Argentina, 1985made by Ricardo Darin and Peter Lanzani, who has just won two unofficial awards at the Venice Film Festival and who will premiere in Argentina on September 29.

His first artistic incursion dates back to the old Channel 11 (now Telefe), where apparently, without sponsors or any contact in the media, he approached the channel’s counter to leave a washed resume, where his performances hardly appeared in some works of the under. In less than a month, Varas obtained a small role in the unit The notables.

his movies

In cinema, moreover, he joined the cast of prestigious and popular productions of the caliber of The range (by Santiago Mitre, the same director of Argentina, 1985), Waiting for the float 2, Winter visitor, The retreat, A date, a party and a black cat, Passionate, Assasination Tango and The year of the rabbit.

He also worked in theater. titles like High in the sky, Earthworms, The last passage, The woman in the car, The cousins ​​or the voice of Yuna, Red threads and a love, My husband’s sexual fantasies, When Belgrano lost his innocence, San Martín, the father and myths, among other works.

His professional career

Aside from his career as an actor, he knew how to play another related role when he was part of the management of the Argentine Association of Actors, taking charge of the union secretary, a position he held between 2004 and 2006. His vocation also made us see him acting in several advertisements of recognized brands.

In a fairly recent interview that they did to him during the pandemic, the actor lamented the world situation and, particularly, the lack of work: “Who would you sit down with for coffee?”, they asked him. Varas hesitated, he took a couple of seconds and with his eyes harassed by emotion, he said: “With my partner, who died.”


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