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Jorge Ugalde, Member of Televisa comes out of the closet and marries his boyfriend

  • The driver was surrounded by celebrities
  • Sebastián Rulli, Fernando Colunga and Julián Gil accompanied him
  • Jorge Ugalde had the best time with her now husband

Last Saturday, August 13, the famous entertainment journalist, Jorge Ugalde, married his beloved fiancé Raúl Arregui Mena and, as expected, several celebrities met at the romantic hacienda, located in the State of Mexico , where the wedding of this couple of lovebirds was celebrated.

However, it seems that those who ended up worse for the party were the famous Argentines, Sebastián Rulli and Patricio Borghetti. Both met at Ugalde’s wedding, where it seems that they ended up devastated, but from so much dancing! Fact that was shared by Rulli himself.

Jorge Ugalde married his fiancé!

Jorge Ugalde married his fiancé!

After a few months ago, the journalist and host of Televisa celebrated his bachelor party in Las Vegas, this weekend he took the next step with his boyfriend. This Saturday, August 13, several celebrities gathered at a farm located in the State of Mexico to celebrate the civil wedding between Jorge Ugalde and Raúl Arregui Mena.

Although the couple was a little hermetic in sharing this moment with their social media followers, the actor Sebastián Rulli shared the romantic moment through his Instagram stories. Both boyfriends decided to wear a suit with the same plaid design, only the colors changed, Jorge wore a blue piece and Raúl one in wine color. FILED FROM: Jorge Ugalde comes out of the closet

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