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Jorge Salinas says that he is already looking after his daughter with Andrea Noli: “the mother is the soul of the family”

Andrea Noli has stated on more than one occasion that Jorge Salinas I had not seen nor is it done charge of your daughter Valentine since her birth despite the fact that since she was a child she sent him letters and was always interested in living with him. Now, the actor assures that he does maintain a relationship with the 15-year-old girl, and indicated that He cares for his six children.

At a press conference, which resumed the Sale el Sol program, Jorge Salinas claimed to be aware of all his children. Recall that the actor procreated his first daughter, Gabriella Cataño, with Adriana Catano, later he became the father of the twins Jorge and Santiago, the fruit of his relationship with Fatima Bogio.

Later, he had his daughter Valentina with Andrea Noli and finally welcomed Twins Máxima and León, product of their marriage with the actress Elizabeth Alvarez.

“I’m looking out for everyone, all six of them,” said Jorge Salinas, that when the reporter mentioned Andrea Noli’s name, he replied: “Don’t tell me, how is she?”

The journalist replied that the actress is very well working on her projects, to which the actor revealed that he has also spoken with her.

“That’s great! Yes, I’ve talked to her too. She’s doing very well, she’s preparing a personal number and I wish her much success and all the best for the good of the children, especially the mothers. The mother is the soul of the family“.

Jorge Salinas talks about his six children

The 54-year-old actor stressed that he maintains contact with all his children: “They are all my children, I am the only father. All children have a different mother, I am the only father of six children and I am not going to share it with you. I’m telling you I’m the only father of six children and I’m always on the lookout.”

Likewise, the actor was questioned about the aggression of Pablo Montero against a reporter from windowing and mentioned that there should be mutual respect between the press and celebrities.

“You have to be respectful, they kicked me in the shins in an interview. Of course, to get the devil out of me, to get the bad guy out,” said Jorge Salinas, who worked on the telenovela Fuego en la sangre with Pablo Montero.


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