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Jonas Brothers show off their collection of Dr. Simi stuffed animals after visiting Mexico

The Jonas Brothers landed in Mexico as part of their concert tour and although at first some fans had a bad taste in their mouths during their first presentation, it seems that the band managed to vindicate themselves in Monterrey and Guadalajara.

There were great expectations for the presentations that Kevin, Joe and Joseph would give with their visit to Mexico. It seems that the band was delighted with their visit to the country because one of the members even toured Mexico City on an ecobike.

As expected, fans of the band threw Dr. Simi stuffed animals on stage, this action is already a tradition with both international and national artists.yes Although many netizens have expressed their disapproval of this practice, it continues to happen both at festivals and concerts.

A couple of weeks ago, Rosalía went viral due to the large number of Dr. Simi stuffed animals that she received during her concerts in Mexico. now the Jonas Brothers also decided to share their collection and thank the Mexican public.

“Mexico!! Thank you for all the love this week. It really has been so special spending it with all of you!We can’t wait to be back in November! Until then I love you,” they wrote on their Facebook account.

In the image you can see at least 5 stuffed animals collected by the group of musicians, however, dozens of videos of fans who throw their Dr. Simi doll on stage have circulated on social networks.


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