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Jon Cryer Wants To End ‘Two And A Half Men’ Amid Charlie Sheen’s Downward Spiral (Exclusive)

it’s been seven years two and a Half Men aired its series finale, and closed a 12-season book filled with more behind-the-scenes drama than most soap operas. Now, star Jon Cryer is witnessing his time on the show and the infamous high-profile outburst with his longtime co-star Charlie Sheen.

Cryer recently sat down with ET’s Kevin Frazier to look at the drama and downward spiral that brought the megahit sitcom to an almost untimely end.

“In the early years, life was great with Charlie Sheen. We were great, he was sober for two years when we started the show, and it was really important for him to stay calm,” shared Cryer. “And for those first few years, the show also went on so smoothly.”

As Cryer recalled, he was “impressed by Charlie Sheen’s performance in performing in front of an audience,” because being a movie star and playing with a live audience are very different skills from being a TV star. “She did it straight out of the box like it was genetically programmed into her body. It was fun and very confident.”

“For those first few years, you know, it was an incredible joy,” he shared.

Throughout the show, Cryer said that Sheen had other projects and obligations, but that he “understood that being back on the show was home, and it was great.”

“Then, in later years, when we began to notice that things were getting stranger for him, and his marriage fell apart, he was still lovely to work with, he still showed up on time and knew his lines. Was and was working. But you could tell there was some trouble with the brewing,” Cryer said.

“He started having problems with writing and sometimes problems with writing that I didn’t understand. I’d say, ‘This is a joke you didn’t have a problem with a year and a half ago, and suddenly now it’s an issue? ‘ So, you know, it was very subtle,” Cryer recalled. “It took a while before it really started to derail.”

As Sheen’s behavior became more erratic and he began to publicly feud with producer Chuck Lorre, Cryer remembered how the media frenzy quickly picked up and the story took over his life.

“It was such a crazy firearm. Even internationally, you know? It was the biggest thing,” Cryer said.

As Sheen’s public statements became increasingly incendiary and unexpected, Cryer said that he and Lorre seriously considered ending the show so as not to facilitate his behavior.

“I think uh there was a moment when Chuck Lorre and I were looking at each other and we said, ‘It’s not worth this show if Charlie enables Sheen to kill himself. Does it end his life, you know, we don’t want to be a part of that,’ he explained. “And I think, actually, when Charlie was let go of the show, So the first thought among most of us was, ‘Okay, we’re done. It’s a great thing, but, we’re done at this point.'”

However, Lorre had a different idea. The show eliminated Sheen’s character and brought in Ashton Kutcher for some new blood.

“He was just so positive every day and brought so much to the table that we all opened up to a little bit of the sheen madness after,” Cryer said. “We forgot how stressed we were all the time while we waited for the next shoe to drop. And once Ashton came in with this incredible positive energy, we all went, ‘Oh, this again Can be fun!'”

Despite the rollercoaster of drama and tension, Cryer explained, “There was never a moment when I said the show wasn’t worth it to me. Because the show, to me, was great. I loved working on it.”

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