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Jomari Goyso does not hesitate and analyzes the image of Shakira’s new video

The pretty much two and a 50 % million followers of Jomari Goyso on Instagram, they had been waiting for him. The trend and attractiveness skilled did not just take prolonged to share his perception, from the stage of watch of the image, of the most commented video clip of the instant: “Monotony”, by Shakira.

Immediate, as is normally the scenario, the Spaniard did not omit what he imagined of the clip. And he made it crystal clear that his opinions referred solely to what is observed, not what is read.

“Tears send out a message of pain,” the 41-yr-outdated driver starts by commenting. “Her eyes water, but her face won’t shift. He can be intentional or an artist who isn’t going to want to glance bad, she would like to appear breathtaking physically.”

His interpretation of the coronary heart in the desire overwhelmed by all those who move by refers, in accordance to Jomari, to all these who harm him, not only Piqué, but also the press and company. “That heart goes to the street and men and women from outside the house trample on it,” he provides in his investigation. “What does that imply? That the press is playing with his coronary heart, his thoughts, they are hurting him.”

According to the also businessman, even though the online video desires to convey suffering, it are not able to be denied that Shakira appears good, beautiful and suitable, in spite of her tears, the blood on her arms and her unglamorous clothes.

“At all times she, bodily, seems fantastic, it might be that she is struggling, but she does not allow for herself to be ruined, that it is empowerment for gals, or that she is vain and does not want to glance negative, if you pay attention to the new music and do not see the picture , in essence it can be a little bit contradictory,” he continued.

The emotion of the full graphic revealed in this video clip for Jomari is 1 of victimization, “they kill her, for God’s sake, they destroy her,” she justifies.

At all instances, the presenter separated the private and the lyrics of the concept with the impression of the video clip clip. He wanted to make clear that his feeling has practically nothing to do with the passion he may have for equally singers, it is only a personal reflection of what he felt and noticed when analyzing the video.

“I have nothing at all in opposition to Shakira or Ozunais an assessment of the impression, which is what I have finished all my daily life”, he concluded with all thanks respect to the artists. His publication coincided with what the vast bulk of his followers think, who were delighted with his online video.

Reference from peopleenespanol.com

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