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Joker 2. Joaquin Phoenix will star in the sequel; Todd Phillips confirms it with an interesting photo

USA—The movie “Jokers” will have a second part, which will star the Oscar winner for ‘Best Actor’, Joaquin Phoenix. This information was released by director Todd Phillips, who also shared a series of images that immediately caused a stir.

Joker 2. Joaquin Phoenix will star in the sequel

Through his Instagram account, the American director, screenwriter and actor, Todd Philipps, published some images with which he confirmed the sequel to the highly acclaimed movie “Joker”.

In one of the Photos can be seen at joaquin phoenix reading what appears to be the script for the DC Comics villain’s second movie. In another image, Todd showed off the cover of the alleged “Joker 2” script which he co-wrote with Scott Silver.

Joker 2. This we know about the sequel to the movie that gave Joaquin Phoenix an Oscar

The title of the second movie of the “Joker”, He would have already been chosen. One of the details that caught the attention of several netizens after the publication of Todd Phillips, was the words written in what seems to be the script of the film in which joaquin phoenix will bring life to ‘Arthur Fleck’.

In the image you can read the title «Joker: Folie à Deux», which could be translated as “Joker: Madness for Two”.

However, according to an article published in 2012 by a Colombian Journal of Psychiatry, the Folie a Deux, is also known as a ‘shared psychotic disorder’; a mental illness in which two people experience the same paranoia and share an illusory reality.

Harley Quinn could appear in “Joker 2”. The supposed title of the sequel has also made fans of the film think about the possibility of seeing the character of ‘Harley Quinn’ interacting with the so-called “Joker”, because in this way the phrase would be explained: “Madness for two”.

It is important to point out that the adaptation made by Todd Phillips does not belong to the DC universe, so it might be unlikely to see in the second part of “Jokers” to the psychologist, who becomes a harlequin… but nothing is ruled out yet.

It should be noted that so far it is only known that joaquin phoenix will star in the sequel; Therefore, it is unknown what other actors will be part of the cast, nor is it known when they will start filming and what will be the release date of this sequel.

Let us remember that the first joker movie premiered in August 2019 at the Venice International Film Festival, where it became a Golden Lion of Venice film. In 2020, received two Oscars, one for ‘Best Soundtrack’ and another for Phoenix’s performance as ‘Best Actor’, for his portrayal of ‘Arthur Fleck’ (“The Joker”).

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