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‘Joker 2’ already has a release date and Lady Gaga joins the cast

The sequel to the hit movie joker already announced its release date, which will be the October 4, 2024 where Todd Phillips Will Return As Writer And Director Alongside Joaquin Phoenixwho reprises his leading role as Arthur Fleckwhat’s more Lady Gaga confirmed through her social networks that she will be part of this tape in the role of Harley Quinn.

The tape could be a musical

For a few months, some rumors began to emerge that the sequel could be a musical and although at the moment they are just rumors, Gaga’s involvement raised the possibility that Tod Phillips could integrate some music scenes into the film.

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From the first film, the mental state of its protagonist was already used to insert a couple of dance scenes that fit quite well, althoughcould be a risky move for being a superhero tape and also for the tone it handled.

will bear the name Joker: Folie a Deux

The official title of the sequel is Joker: Folie a Deux, which refers to a term used in psychology which in Spanish translates as “madness of two”. Also Known As shared psychotic disorder, which is a syndrome in which a symptom of psychosis is transmitted from one individual to another, usually between members of the same family. Currently, the tape already has its script finished and is in the process of pre-production.


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