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Johnny Depp’s tattoos: everything to know about his ink

Here we break down all 37 of Johnny Depp’s tattoos and their meanings. Watch the actor’s ink here.

“To me, it’s like a magazine – they all represent different times in my life,” said Johnny Depp Washington Post In 1995 when many of his tattoos were discussed. “If you see them, that’s one thing—but if I explain them to you, it’ll be like walking you through my journal.” First since getting inked – “I was a kid who just dropped out of high school who got his first tattoo at age 17, who played rock-and-roll. That was just a series of events, He says – Johnny has documented many important moments of his life on his skin. So, take a look at his life by looking at his many tattoos.


Cherokee Tribe

On his upper right arm is Johnny’s first tattoo, a statement of the “Cherokee Tribe”, which he made when he was 17 years old. The ink was done to honor his Native American heritage, as his great-grandmother was Cherokee.

“Betty Sue”

On Johnny’s left hand, he has a heart written “Betty Sue”. Johnny’s mother’s name was Betsy Sue, who passed away on 20 May 2016 due to prolonged illness. However, his left arm was inked long before his death on May 31, 1988, by tattoo artist Jonathan Shaw.


Johnny’s chest is inked with his name Vanessa Paradis’ first child, daughter Lily-Rose Depp, Johnny once said, “My daughter explained to me, helped me understand why life is and why I should live, and why I wake up in the morning and why I want to continue down this fun road.” Philadelphia Inquirer (h/t people, “I almost feel like I didn’t really have a life before. That I didn’t really live.”

“Wino Forever”

Perhaps one of Johnny’s most famous coverups is the cover of “Wino Forever” on his right arm or his tattoo for his ex-girlfriend, Winona RyderWith whom he started dating in 1990. The pair met during filming Edward Scissorhands And quickly fell in love. However, they did not last, and Johnny ended their love affair after their split in 1993.

supremacy triangle

Johnny has a “Suprematism Triangle” tattooed on his left shoulder, an adaptation of a painting by a Russian painter. Ilya Chashnik in 1925. The drawing was re-inked by Jonathan Shaw in 1993. Suprematism was a Russian branch of Cubism and Futurism, according to britanniaand has been described as “the appropriate means of representation is always the one which gives the fullest possible expression of such feeling and which ignores the familiar appearance of objects.”

‘Tees Maar Khan’

Johnny’s right forearm has a peculiar design: a man with a stitched mouth with a question mark on his head. design logo Tees Maar Khan, a 1997 independent neo-Western film co-written and directed by Depp. It features Johnny as a Native American named Raphael Who agrees to murder as part of a snuff film, directed by Marlon Brando’s character.

Henry Lamb/Photowire/BEI/Shutterstock

jack sparrow tattoo

Johnny’s sparrow tattoo is very similar to his right hand Pirates of the Caribbean The character, Jack Sparrow, is there – except Johnny’s sparrow is flying towards him and is now away. This is probably due to Johnny’s love for his son, Jack, who was born in 2002. Supposedly John said that you “always wish he had come back to you.”

three rectangles

Apart from tattoos on his body, he has many ink marks on his hands and fingers. There are three rectangles located on the index finger of his right hand. “I used to doodle these when I was on the telephone,” he said Washington Post in 1995.

Julian Mackie/Shutterstock

number 3

“I like number 3,” said Johnny Post, Johnny has also said that the number is “magical” to him, which is why he has the design on his left hand. He also has the number 3 on his left hand.

question mark tattoo

On his right leg, Johnny has a question mark on an X – very reminiscent of a pirate’s treasure map. The design was reportedly done by a tattoo artist Jonathan ShawWho allowed Johnny to get a tattoo of the same design on his left knee.

Henry Lamb/Photowire/BEI/Shutterstock

“silence Exile Cunning”

“One of the first people in the public eye behind the Beverly Kills brand was the legendary actor and musician, Johnny Depp,” writing Edgy fashion brand Beverly Kills. “During the conversation about our message, he talked about the last few years of his life and why he could relate so much to the brand. Pointing to a tattoo on his arm, he said, “That’s what you guys need to tell here. This is the road map of life.” The tattoo read “silence, exile, cunning” in reference to this powerful declaration from James Joyce Portrait of the artist as a young man,

three hearts

The string of three hearts on Johnny’s left hand is in tribute to his ex-wife, Vanessa Paradiand their two children – Lily-Rose Depp And jack depo, Vanessa and Johnny split in 2012 but remain close.

portrait of his grandfather

Johnny has a tattoo of a sailor on his right hand. The sailor in question is Johnny’s grandfather, who reportedly fought in WWII and was close to the actor.

(Chris Pizzello/AP/Shutterstock)

portrait of his mother

On Johnny’s left forearm, he has another black-and-white portrait. This time, it’s his mother (the titular Betty Sue), who passed away in 2016. The photo is reportedly a portrait of Betty Sue, when she was a waitress at the Holiday Inn in Kentucky.

gonzo fist

Johnny Depp for the first time in Hunter S. met Thompson in December 1994 newsweek, “It was from the moment he sat down, that I recognized the definition of a Southern gentleman before me. We are both connected on a level of being from Kentucky, both with checkered pasts in our youth, and a great love of literature. is,” Depp wrote in 2011.

For more than a decade, Depp and Thompson had a friendship, which tragically ended with Hunter’s death in 2005. Johnny would play Hunter in the 1998 adaptation. Fear and hatred in Las Vegas and The 2011 adaptation of Hunter’s novel, the Rum Diary (Johnny will first meet his future ex-wife, Amber HeardOn that film.) Johnny remembers Hunter by receiving a tattoo of a gonzo fist, holding a peyote button of a six-fingered fist, which has become synonymous with Hunter’s writing.


Johnny has a skull and crossbones on his right hand.

“Salvo Ogum”

On Johnny’s left forearm, the word “Salve Ogham” is above the design of the skull wearing a crown.


On Johnny’s left wrist a rook (bird) is playing rook (old-timey card game). This was reportedly done in tribute to his grandfather, who often played the game.


Johnny has reportedly got several dots tattooed on his left ankle.


“no reason”

Johnny’s “No Reason” tattoo on his right inner wrist is one of two tattoos he shares Marilyn Manson, “It’s kind of a mystery. People tell us, ‘Why did you get that?’ And we say, ‘No reason,'” Manson recounts Rolling stone, “Johnny is one of the only people I can talk to. I can’t explain it other than that we never have to say anything, but we can’t really say it to anyone else.”

“Les Fleurs Du Mal”

“Charles Baudelaire, the flower of evil, this giant skeleton thing,” Manson told Rolling stone About the tattoo on his and Johnny’s back. The design is a skeletal figure with its arms extended in a blooming plant.


johnny made friends Damien Echolsa man who together Jesse Miscelli And Jason Baldwin, Spent 18 years in prison for the 1993 murders of three 8-year-old boys in West Memphis, accordingly for usa today, The men – dubbed the West Memphis Three – were the subject of several documentaries critical of the prosecution’s handling of the case. one of the documentaries, Paradise LostGot Johnny’s attention. Damien, Jesse and Jason were released in 2011 after entering pleas maintaining their innocence, but admitted that prosecutors had evidence to convict them.

Damien has become Johnny’s brother, so he has a tattoo on his chest symbolizing that connection. “This one Damien designed. It’s one of my all-time favorites, and it means a lot to me,” he said in 2012.


The skeleton key on Johnny’s left wrist is also reportedly a tattoo he shares with Damien Eckol body art guru, Damien reportedly said that he and Johnny were on opposite ends of the United States when they both found the keys, and that they were “sending pictures to each other, back and forth, keeping track of progress and everything else.”



Johnny has a crow design on his right hand. Damien reportedly has a similar tattoo, as did Johnny’s grandfather.

Little Guitarist

Johnny’s son, Jack, reportedly a guitarist had created this design, and Depp had it permanently attached to his skin.


Johnny has a design on his left hand that looks like a “zigzag” or Z.


Near Johnny’s right wrist, there is a design that invokes his Native American roots. This is a design which represents a snake.

comanche shield

Similarly, Johnny has a design on his right foot, which is reportedly a “Comanche Shield”.

Theo Kingma/Shutterstock

“Man is a crazy thing”

The faceless man in Johnny’s left-hand suit is believed to be a drawing made by his son, Jack. The quote (“Man is a dizzying thing”) comes from of William Shakespeare “much Ado About Nothing.”

“Slim” / “Scam”

Johnny Depp reportedly got two tattoos inspired by his ex-wife Amber Heard. The first word wasthin“Tattooed on the knuckle of his right hand. “Slim” was reportedly one of Johnny’s pet names for Amber. After the divorce, they changed the “I” to “U” and the “L” to “C” “, changing “SLIM” to “SCUM”. They had revised the design again, with the chaos symbol – an A beyond a circle – to change “SCUM” to “SCUM”.

“Heaven on the Air”

The black bars on Johnny’s outer right arm are believed to be i ching, Chinese divination text. Allegedly the design means “wind over heaven,” or that forcing one’s way through life only brings misfortune and ruin and that obstacles must be overcome by grace and gentle actions.

“death is certain”

Johnny’s right leg is believed to have a skull and crossbones with the words “death is certain”.


On the outside of Johnny’s right hand, there is a design of a serpent eating his tail, a Ouroboros – or symbol of eternity.

JJ 13

On the inner elbow of Johnny’s left hand is a portrait of a man, with the letters “JJ” on one side and “13” on the other. This is reportedly due to a tribute to his former bodyguard, jerry judgewho passed away in 2019.

anchor and fish

Continuing the nautical nature of his tattoos and life, Johnny has a first and an anchor tattoo on his right arm.

sun setting over the sea

Earlier photos of Johnny showed a pinup woman on his right arm peeping through his sleeve. However, recent photos have revealed that Johnny covered the woman with a keyhole design that shows a sun setting over the ocean. Many have interpreted this initial “Portrait of a Lady” as belonging to Amber and as a coverup bidding her farewell. Pirates of the Caribbean saga

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