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Johnny Depp would give up Amber Heard’s $10 million if she met that condition

Although Amber Heard will have to pay Johnny Depp $10 million after his trial, the actor would be willing to forgive the debt on one condition.

It may interest you: Johnny Depp will return to court to face another trial. We tell you why Amber has asserted that she has no money to pay the sentence a Virginia court has given her and that she will appeal the verdict of the trial.

Faced with this, the lawyers for the Pirates of the Caribbean performer Jack Sparrow assured Good Morning America that the legal process was “never about money” but to cleanse his client’s husband. As such, Depp would be willing not to demand payment of the $10 million as long as Amber chooses not to appeal the verdict. Johnny Depp’s lawyers highlighted the win over Amber Heard. On the other hand, the actor’s lawyers, Camille Vásquez and Benjamin Chew, asserted that the verdict was based on evidence and not Depp’s popularity, as Amber Heard claimed. Camille Vázquez, Johnny Depp’s lawyer, was promoted after his win

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