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Johnny Depp may give up the 10 million that Amber Heard owes him

After an extensive and mediating trial, actor Johnny Depp confronts his former partner Amber Heard, the protagonist of “The Pirates of the Caribbean” and “Panic and Madness in Las Vegas” among dozens of other films, Let’s Move On. through your lawyers can forgive 10 million dollars which conforms to it by the imposition of justice.

Lawyers defending the actor Camille Vasquez and Benjamin Chew, who admitted they were inspired by Keith Richards to bring Jack Sparrow to life, said their client could do without the millionaire compensation that Heard would have to pay him.

“As Mr. Depp testified, it was never about the money for himChew said. “It was about restoring his reputation, and he has done it,” he said in an interview for the Today program.

For his part, Vasquez said he believed the “key” to Depp’s victory was “facts and evidence, and Johnny’s chance to tell the truth for the first time.”

“It was six years of preparation, and I think he was able to connect with the jury and the general public and explain what really happened in this relationship,” he explained.

Six days after the actor’s lawyers disclosed that his former partner assured through his legal representative Ellen Breedhoft that noOr You Can Pay $10.35 Million,

“Oh no, not at all.” The lawyer said Heard wanted to appeal the decision.

Depp and Heard both have to pay

During the trial, and after deliberations among its seven members, the jury ruled that Heard was ordered to pay Depp $10.35 million in damages ($10 million in compensatory damages and $350,000 in punitive damages). To defame the actor when he wrote a 2018 Washington Post op-ed pointing to his past claims of domestic violence.

A message for Johnny Depp and his fans

With less than a week to go until the end of the high-profile defamation lawsuit against his ex, Amber Heard, Johnny Depp sent a message to his “most cherished, loyal and unwavering supporters” on social media.

“To all my most precious, loyal and unwavering followers. We’ve been together everywhere, we’ve seen everything together,” Depp wrote. And in addition, he released a video where he compiled various moments from his British performance with violator Jeff Beck, a reggae The music was set in the background.

“We have walked the same path together. We did the right thing together, because you cared. And now we will all move forward together. You, as always, are my employer and once again I have no way of saying thank you, except to say thank you. so thanks. My love and respect, JD.”


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