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Johnny Depp is set to return to court to face another trial, we tell you why

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After Johnny Depp ‘won’ Amber Heard’s trial, the actor has various projects ahead of him again, but he still hasn’t completely cleared himself from court as he will be returning with a pending trial. It may interest you: there is already a verdict! Jury decides in favor of Johnny Depp

Why will Johnny Depp return to court after Amber Heard’s trial? As a result, the “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” actor is due to appear in Los Angeles Superior Court on July 25 as he faces another assault charge, a charge against him.

Actor Johnny Depp will be joined by Camille Vasquez, a prominent defense attorney who is now one of the most sought-after in Hollywood for the fame she achieved after the “trial of the century”. Benjamin Chew will be another, accompanying Johnny Depp on his way to the booth where he will present his arguments and perhaps reach an agreement. The charge was brought by Gregg ‘Rocky’ Brooks. According to this man, Johnny Depp punched him twice in the chest in 2018, and things were about to spiral out of control at that moment while filming City Of Lies. However, he explained that things were improving after actor-director Brad Furman said things were gradually getting out of hand due to the constant discussions.

“The Brooks case is not about two Hollywood stars involved in a toxic relationship, but about the production star’s assault on a hard-working crew member. Mr. Brooks is looking forward to his day in court,” plaintiff’s defense attorney told The Sun. It may interest you: Camille Vázquez, Johnny Depp’s lawyer, was promoted after his win. The defendant claims he did not sign a $100,000 indemnity agreement. Pat Harris, Brooks’ attorney, said the outcome of the last trial respected him and that it was a very different case, so they hope to emerge victorious from this trial. Brooks also claimed that Depp yelled at him, verbally abused him and offered to pay him $100,000 to hit him back. In addition, the plaintiff claimed that he was fired from the project after refusing to sign an agreement that he would not sue. For the trial, scheduled for July 25 in Los Angeles Superior Court, Johnny Depp will have witnesses, some of whom are from the Pirates of the Caribbean star’s team, including: Adam Waldman, attorney; Ed White, manager; Sean Bett, bodyguard and Christi Debrowski, actor’s sister.

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