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Johnny Depp asks court to deny ‘frivolous’ request for Amber Heard’s mistrial

Johnny Depp is asking the court to overturn a jury’s decision to set aside his ex-wife, Amber Heard’s, from his highly publicized defamation suit against him.

In court documents obtained by ET, Pirates of the Caribbean The actor’s legal team is responding to documents filed last week by Heard’s representatives in Fairfax County, Virginia. His team claimed that the wrong person served on the jury and decided unanimously that Depp was defamed by Heard.

The six-week legal saga decided that Heard acted “with genuine malice.” Depp was awarded more than $10 million in compensatory damages and $5 million in punitive damages, while Heard won $2 million in his counterclaim against Depp.

Hurd’s team claimed that an unidentified 77-year-old man living at an address in Virginia had been called to jury duty. However, an unidentified 52-year-old man living at the same address with the exact same surname reportedly showed up for jury duty instead and was selected for trial. Based on this information, the actress’ team is of the view that the judge should declare a wrongful trial and order a fresh trial.

Now, Depp’s team is fighting against an attempt to reverse Heard’s decision. Via counter-documents, Depp is claiming the legitimate jury of peers “ruled against him in almost all cases and recognized no valid grounds for setting aside the jury’s decision in any way.”

The documents continue to insist that “the court rejected Ms. Heard’s groundless argument that the damages award was excessive and not supported by evidence and that the damages awarded by the jury were supported by evidence and law.”

mention of 2018 Washington Post In the article that Heard wrote, which alleges abuse against him by an unnamed partner, Depp’s team says, “the jury’s conclusion of defamation in relation to the OP-ED title was consistent with and supported by law and facts.”

Concluding his rebuttal to Heard’s argument, Depp’s attorneys explicitly stated, “Mr. Depp respectfully requests that this Court reject Ms. Heard’s frivolous motion in its entirety and her peculiar urge to overturn the jury’s decision.” Reject requests.”

In an interview with legal expert Julie Rendelman, ET asked about the potential mistrial’s impact on the case, which has received so much media and public attention. He said, “There is no doubt that if there was a wrong trial in this case, we would have been witnessing a huge uproar on social media from those who have followed this case continuously… Changing the context of this trial should.”

Rendelman discussed Heard’s claim that the wrong jurors sat for trial and identified the root of this continuing legal battle, saying, “The question really is: does this violate Amber Heard’s due process?”

In Rendelman’s legal opinion, “Amber Heard’s team is throwing everything at their own pace at the wall and hoping that something will stick that sticks.” But will it work? “I think it’s quite a leap to expect that at the end of the day she will move away from Mystical based on this,” says Rendelman.

Adding to Hurd’s legal document, aquaman The actress is also embroiled in a lawsuit by the insurance company New York Marine & General Insurance Company. The company is arguing that it is not obligated to help pay for its defense against Depp.

In court documents filed on July 8 and obtained by ET, the insurance company is claiming that because Heard is also getting coverage from another insurance company, it is not obligated to pay for his defense. .

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