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John Mulaney on tour with him and Olivia Munn’s son Malcolm: He’s a ‘great roadie’

John Mulaney is living the life of his best father — on tour! 39 year old comedian stopped Late Night With Seth Meyers Dine on what it’s like to travel with her on Wednesday and during a trip with her 6-month-old son, Malcolm — whom she shares with Olivia Munn. from starting Travel

“Malcolm is a great, great roadie,” Mulaney told Meyers, adding that the infant was actually on tour with him. “Malcolm loves being on tour. He loved Saratoga Springs.”

“He loved Westin in Buffalo,” he continued as the audience laughed. “He had one of those fake fireplaces that’s like glowing rocks. And he sat down and went, ‘That’s what I’m talking about. He was so charmed.'”

Mulaney also detailed how his first Father’s Day went, joking that Malcolm gave him “a lot of gifts” for the occasion. “I woke up, and I had breakfast with him,” she continued. “And his new thing is that when I turn on the phone, it’s in selfie mode and I put it on video, he slowly grabs it and brings it to his mouth. So all his movies have one That’s where the turning point ends.”

Mulaney and Munn welcomed Malcolm in November 2021, and last month, the 41-year-old actress reflected on life with her son in honor of his half-birthday.

“6 months ago today Malcolm made me his mama,” she wrote alongside a sweet photo of herself and Malcolm lying in the grass together. “It’s a lot of fun getting to know him. He loves meeting people, he loves his best friend Penny and thinks he’s hysterical, has tried peanut butter (thanks @mmcnearney + @jimmykimmel).

“He sleeps for 12 hours straight a night (thanks @mindykaling for sharing your invaluable, trusted and tested resources), he wakes up from every nap with a big smile and laughter,” Munn continued. “He loves when we read him books, whenever his daddy comes home he lets out a squeak and kicks his feet. I can’t stress enough how much he loves bath time And he loves to be outside and look at the trees and the sky. I love you Malcolm Hype. Happy 6 months of being on Earth with us. You light up our whole world.”

Meanwhile, Mulaney opened up about parenthood while hosting saturday night live in February. “Life is much better and happier now,” he told the audience. “I have a 12-week-old son. I’m so excited. He’s a great guy for someone who can’t vote.”

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